I read that a six episode miniseries of the millennium trilogy was made, anyone know how I could watch it? I’m in the US, can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet

Posted by Polly in Freeport , 23 June 2011


Best Answer:

The millennium miniseries have been released on DVD. They are marketed under a different name, which is “Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition“.

The DVD is available for purchase on Amazon.

dragon tattoo trilogy extended edition

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  1. I ordered the extended version of the T.V. (Swedish TV) miniseries from Amazon in 2014 in Bluray after seeing them streamed from Netflix a few months prior to the purchase, I think the distribution kinks are fixed now

    Posted by turtle in Californis ,

  2. please I can’t seem to find it anhywhere, if it’s not too much can I have the link too? I am really interested in watching the TV mini series as well :) Thank you so much!

    Posted by meggiela in California ,

  3. Can you please send me the links to the mini series by email? We have the trilogy of movies on Netflix here in Oz but not the tv series, & I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m a massive Stieg Larsson fan & seeing this is a must 😀 Thank you!

  4. ugh, i also haven’t been able to find it anywhere online – under both names. would love to get a link via email as well if anyone here got it/has it. – inanimate- at-hotmail.com thank you!

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