Which one?

      How can Camilla and Lisbeth's last interaction be when they were 17 IF Lisbeth was institutionalized at 12 until she was an adult? Plus how is it possible for Lisbeth to NOT KNOW Zala was her father if she ran away at 17? ... Read more


      I am watching the Swedish versions of the movies and they portray Niedermann as invincible, almost super human. Was he genetically modified somehow? Where's he been throughout the years of Lisbeths troubles? ... Read more

      Chase Scene

      The chase sequence (Lisbeth doing the chasing) totally blew away the car chase in (Bullett), and was unbelievably as good as the foot chase scene in "The Third Man" through the nighttime city post-WWII. ... Read more

      Movie Casting

      What do you think of the casting? Is Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Norén perfect for the main characters, Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander?

      Posted by Editor in Sweden , 17 November 2008

      ... Read more

      The trailers

      What do you think about the trailers?

      Posted by Editor in Sweden , 17 November 2008

      ... Read more

      The Movie – release dates?

      Just watched the trailers and actually got goosebumps…when is this fantastic movie coming to Germany or England? I can’t wait!!!

      Posted by Maike in London , 8 January 2009

      ... Read more

      Movie in US?

      Any idea when the movie will come out in the US? I heard it is already on in France. I can’t wait to see it!

      Posted by Valerie in Silver Spring, USA , 15 July 2009

      ... Read more

      The Movie!

      What did you think of the movie?

      Posted by Tony in Stockholm , 12 February 2009

      ... Read more

      Has anyone seen the 2nd movie?

      I just saw it yesterday and was wondering what people thought of it?

      Posted by , 19 September 2009

      ... Read more

      The Girl Who Played with Fire-Movie release in Canada


      I wanted to know if anyone knows the realease date in Canada for the movie The girl who played with fire. I’ve seached everywhere but couldn’t find it…

      Thank you

      Posted by Véronique in Montréal, Canada , 5 Oct ... Read more

      How can I watch the second movie?

      Hi, I really need to see “The girl who played with the fire”. Can somebody help me? I live in Germany and can´t wait till 2010.


      Posted by , 14 November 2009

      ... Read more

      American film

      Posted by , 18 October 2009

      ... Read more

      Film 1 released in Brazil


      this is for the brazilian fans, the first film will be out during the 33rd international film festival in Sao Paulo, starting October 23rd.

      More details at

      Posted by Barda in Sao Paulo , 15 Octob ... Read more

      dvd with english subtitles

      Does anyone know if the dvd is available with english subtitles anywhere, or if it is going to become available?

      Posted by Jim Fox in Swansea , 24 November 2009

      ... Read more

      Somebody watched the third movie?

      I would like to know if the movie was good and if the movie includes this love-thing with mikael and monica (hope not).

      OK, maybe someone already saw it and wanna write about it :-)

      Read more

      English subtitles

      the film exists with English subtitles – not done very professionally but enough to follow! Specially if you have read the book! I think the film was very true to the book!!!

      Posted by Shirin Ross in Paris , 9 December 2009

      ... Read more

      Hollywood goes Millenium?

      Rumors say today that Hollywood(Sony Pictures)negotiate the rights to make one or more films of the millennium books. Steve Zaillian, who wrote the screenplay for Schindler’s List would obviously do the same for this film. Which actors will be involved is not known but it´s assumed that the bo ... Read more

      “Tattoo” filming Oct 2010

      “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” is Fincher’s next film.

      the English-language version is being produced by Scott Rudin at Sony with Steve Zaillian (“Moneyball”) currently writing the script

      Carey Mulligan the lead role of Lisbeth Salander

      Posted by Dr. Talotta in Olympia, WA , 22 July 2010

      ... Read more

      Who you think can star as the characters in the US version of the 2nd and 3rd book?

      I’ve got a few ideas on who can play some of the new characters in the US version of the 2nd and 3rd book. Tell me if you agree or disagree, and if you’ve got a better idea:

      Teleborian – david strathairn (perfect as a charismatic devil, he showed he can play one in The Bourne Ulti ... Read more

      US “She Played With Fire”

      update by Rob Keyes

      David Fincher’s American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo released over the 2011 holidays to earn strong critical praise, including an Oscar win and four additional nominations. At the box office however, it only earned back its production budget in American theaters, faring well enough internationally for the studio to push forward with a sequel to the Rated R mystery thriller. But they won’t be pushing too fast.

      The Girl Who Played With Fire was intended to release next fall but a few hurdles – the lack of a director and needed scrip ... Read more

      TGWTDT – The end

      Watch the american movie and had a really good time… great storyline.

      I do have to admit that the last minute of the movie kinda ruined it though.

      Is she upset ’cause she found out about the relationship (which would be ridiculous with all the background check she did) or ... Read more

      American movie question?

      Okay so I went to see the American version after seeing the Swedish one and readIng all the books first but in the American version do you guys remember Mikael or lisbeth herself mentioning she had a photograph memory?

      I remember her reading some articles and she said, “I got it.” p ... Read more

      What church?

      I’ve watched the Swedish movies and I remember Lisbeth walking on a bridge or overpass with a church in the background. Can anyone plz tell me the name of that church?

      Posted by Xavier Dolan in Hamilton ON , 1 Mars 2012

      Read more

      Swedish Or English?

      Both of the two movies are great, but for me I think that the movie that out done itself is . . . The SWEDISH version. I like how Noomi Rapace played Lisbeth.

      Posted by Nicolette in Tri-State Area , 25 February 2012

      ... Read more

      millenium III song?

      im? looking for the song that starts in 1 hour 18 min in the girl who kicked the hornets nest, the part when she stars her own rehab in prison, please help me!!!! im desperate!!!!!!

      Posted by dafas in mexico , 25 February 2012

      ... Read more

      Compare Swedish and American films

      Craig is good as Bloomkvist.He can act.Swedish actor is rather bleak.

      Plague is no good in both films

      Erika is passable in both films no star though.

      Old Vanger and his secretary are good in both

      Roonie and Noomie are both excellent!

      I’ll go wat ... Read more

      Noomi or Roonie?

      Who do you like better as LS(in%)

      For my taste both are equal


      Posted by Heckler in Saint-Petersburg , 5 January 2012

      ... Read more

      Fincher will shoot sequels back to back!

      As it appears from an interview with Directer David Fincher, the directer plans to shoot “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest” back to back.

      I for one am ecstatic about this…less waiting and the films will flow together as they should.

      ... Read more

      american movie

      I watched it today, and it was actually better than I thought XD but the actors were so-so. Rooney mara is too pretty to be playing lisbeth salander. and there is to much romance in my opinion. anyways. what do you think?

      Posted by charlotte in nowhere ... Read more

      New trailer of “Girl” interesting but?

      New trailer of David Fincher's “GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO” interesting but?

      I am a bit surprised how this seems the same film but with a much more eloquent cinematographer and editor. Rooney Mara is not as florid goth as I feared from that W Magazine… she looks much better tha ... Read more

      The Stieg Larsson Trilogy DVD Boxed Set

      The Stieg Larsson Trilogy DVD Boxed Set (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest) notes from info in Amazon reviews The 1st BR is 202 minutes The 2nd BR is 156 minutes The 3rd BR is 184 minutes That equals to 542 minutes ... Read more


      Hello! maybe just missed the topic like this – does anybode know te lyrics of Would you die for me – from the soundtrack?

      Posted by Amira in ST.Petersburg , 15 February 2011

      ... Read more

      Following traffic rules in Sweden

      It’s interesting how people in Sweden seem to follow some traffic regulations to the dot, no matter what:

      - Paolo Roberto in the 2nd movie: as he obeys the traffic lights, the van nearly escapes…

      - Lisbeth in the 2nd movie: a suspected triple murderer on the run, she obediently fastens her seat belt in the rented VW, whenever driving…

      - the bikers & Lisbeth in the 2nd movie: a helmet on a Harley: come on…

      - Lisbeth towards the end of 3rd movie – arrives to the abandoned brickwork in the middle of nowhere, where she is about to fight for her ... Read more

      The New Lisbeth – What do you think?

      Here are enough fotos at last to see the range of looks,… These may be too arty because of being in “W” magazine. I am uncertain.

      Posted by Leo Rivers in Cott ... Read more

      Anonymous emails threatening to Erika Berger

      I have watched the third film of Millennium trilogy and there’s one thing that I didn’t understand at the end.

      When Erika Berger received two anonymous emails and someone broke her window of her house, Mikael Blomkvist told to her that he had told Pesta to look for who did that.

      ... Read more