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      Reading vs Audiobooks: What is the difference between Reading and Audiobooks?

      Reading is considered a vital part of developing the mind and expanding the imagination. The main difference between reading and audiobooks is that reading is active engagement, while listening is passive engagement.

      People have been reading for thousands of years. Since the development of written languages, the words have been inscribed on clay which has dried and hardened to metals ... Read more

      Inside the Mind of Lisbeth Salander

      Lisbeth Salander ’s Unique Psychiatric Profile

      There is a similar Lisbeth Salander in my life, so I know first-hand how complex this character is. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on their thought processes, they behave or think in opposition to your expectations. Sometimes these people look like pretty flowers, but when you try to pic ... Read more

      KALLE BLOMKVIST – What does Kalle mean?

      The celebrated Millennium series written by the late Stieg Larsson became a worldwide hit in the literary world at the turn of the 21st century. The series centered on two characters, the shy Lisbeth Salander and reporter Mikael Blomkvist (aka Kalle Blomkvist).

      For those who enjoy television series or movies that have strong, identifiable characters, the experience of watching such programs over and over again can be quite limiting. After all, only so many stories can be produced by their creators. And despite their best efforts, they can only produce a limited amount of work. With so many fans yearning ... Read more

      Brilliant Larsson create brilliant Lisbeth Salander

      Lisbeth,really brilliant and have a beautiful mind with moral....thank u Larsson R.I.P
      Fisseha Getnet i Bahirdar
      Submitted: 12 June 2012
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      THE best
      Submitted: 7 June 2012 ... Read more

      Millenium trilogy

      Exceptional books and films (swedish version). What a pitty Larson is not with us anymore.......
      Miriam Weiss i Miami, Fl. USA
      Submitted: 2 June 2012
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      The girl with Dragon Tattoo

      Was mine first book of Stieg Larsson, could not put it down, good book indeed.
      Marcin i Edinburgh
      Submitted: 27 May 2012
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      Where to from Here?

      I have but 100 pages to go in book three and I simply dread the though of ending what has been a riveting, engrossing and tremendous read. Steig may not have had another book in him, but I truly doubt that – such a great talent.
      Tom Wilson i Maryborough QLD AUS
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      With regard to my review of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’, ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’), I preface my remarks by admitting a background in editing and publishing. I am not an average reader, but neither do I imply I have the writing skills or the creativity to produce literary fiction, because I don’t. I am merely afflicted with critical reading skills. The following observations are simply my thoughts and I read the Millennium Trilogy purely for pleasure. Regarding the many and obvious fl ... Read more


      The 3 best novels I have ever read. Plotting was brilliant, charactors vibrant and believable. If only Stieg was still around to give us more. I desperately wanted to find out how it all ended, but was enjoying the books so much that I did not want to reach the end. (If that makes any sense).
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      Larsson Rocks!!!!

      There are a couple of scenes in the movie that are a little gruesome to watch - but look at the big picture! And for those of you who don't think stuff like this happens - pull you head out of the sand.

      Lisbeth is awesome!!!

      SKitty i Greenv ... Read more

      Listen up, folks:

      Just finished reading it and, man, o man, what a ride! Enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to get Book 2!
      vicki i Baker, LA, USA
      Submitted: 31 Mars 2012
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      The Girl with the dragon Tattoo

      In the Christmas of 2002, Mikael Blomkvist, journalist and part-owner of the political Swedish magazine millennium, finds himself facing jail time and heavy damage costs after losing a libel case against the billionaire Henrik Wennerstrom. With the defeat playing on his mind he is grateful for the distraction Henrik Vanger provides him when he is summoned out to Hedestad to take on a case proving quite personal to the retired industrialist. With the promise of a significant financial reward and the evidence he so desperately seeks to destroy Wennerstrom Blomkvist begins work writing the Vanger ... Read more

      Enthusiasm !!!

      Millenium Trilogy…the ULTIMATE read ! Exudes thrill/suspenseful expectations of Lisbeth’s subtle emerging energy and intellectual strategic preparedness executed with amazing precision whether by herself or collaboratively. Would there be another Stieg Larsson ? Another sleep_deprive ... Read more

      ..looking 4wrd 2 read ds dr a chance?..hmmmm hopefully 2 complete Stieg Larsson’s trilogy...!
      blue88 i Koronadal
      Submitted: 25 February 2012
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      My wife and I read all 3 the best books I,ve ever read and I,m a reader W.E.B Griff.,Big Tom C. and many other to authors
      rey Christel i Mesa Az.
      Submitted: 8 February 2012
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      Millennium Trilogy

      These 3 books are the best read I have had for quite a few years. Found them exciting and the plot so well done. Could not put them down from start to finish.
      Carol i Darwin, Australia
      Submitted: 6 February 2012
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      Wow What a read!

      Never have I enjoyed picking up a book as I have over the last few weeks as I ingested The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,wolfed down The Girl Who Played with Fire and devoured The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Such wonderfully written, edge of your seat, can’t put ‘em down books! My only ho ... Read more


      It only took me 3 years to finally read this book, and the book didn’t get interesting until I was 400 pages in!
      Wanda i Raleigh nc
      Submitted: 16 January 2012
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      A must read!!

      Thank you Stieg Larsson for having the forethought to write all three books before publishing. It would have been torture having to wait for books number 2 and 3 after reading the first. In a word-brilliant! Sadly,no more from this gifted writer.
      R.J.Percy i Toronto, Canada
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      My Thoughts

      Had never heard of these books until the past year when I got them at my local library one at a time & couldn’t wait until I got the next one. They were obviously violent & disturbing. But they were, unfortunately, what really goes on in the world of human beings in the name of money & power. Truth as we know is stranger than fiction. Lisbeth was a person we understood was not what we call the normal person, but then who would be if we lived her life. I have to say I was rooting for her all the way through the trilogy & was very happy with the ending. I hope other people took stock of the fa ... Read more

      flop !!!

      i watched the movie today was disgusted by it ! i hated all the characters they all had a fucked up side to them ! this movie only promoted violence and rape and only sickos would enjoy this movie ! it made me feel really small as a women to watch the rape scenes as i did not think Lisabeth who is meant to be really clever would be belittled like that ! i mean surely she must have known the fat guy was not right in the head ! i think the movie concentrated too much on the rape and violence scenes rather than on the main plot of solving where harriet was ! in my opinion the movie is very ... Read more

      From Great to Aweful

      I was very excited about the first book. Although not particularly impressed by the writing style of Larsson I was truly amazed by the an interesting and extremely engaging first book of the trilogy. It had everything: a thorough historical background, a Sherlock Holmes style setting and a fresh more humane perspective with strong female characters. Simply Excellent!!! Second book was less exciting but it retained certain attractive qualities: intriguing background stories, dynamic plot line and almost encyclopedic insights. I was a bit alarmed by more apparent division of black and white a ... Read more

      Breathtaking trilogy

      I am not one usually drawn to novels packed full of brutal and sadistic sexual violence ( not a spoiler alert but a fair heads-up which I am glad I was given when a friend lent me the first book), but I fell in love with the lead characters who are complex and quirky, messed-up and fascinating. Lisb ... Read more

      Looking Forward

      Outstanding books, Dragon the best! When will the next series be published?
      Patrick i Köln
      Submitted: 29 December 2011
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      loved it, loved it , loved it

      Hi, I just finished reading the first book of the series and I am starting on the second one ASAP. I read a lot and I was totally caught up in the credibility of the characters (strenghts and weaknesses), the logical progression of the crime solving, etc. etc. A very powerful read (no useless banter ... Read more

      “The Girl”

      All three books were great! Mr. Larson is/was a master story teller. I’ve seen the English dubbed movies and I’ve seen the new remake. I really hope Hollywood will make the other two books into movies for the big screen
      Richard i Corona, CA
      Submitted: 25 December 2011
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      3rd book the best

      Very interesting but so much violence and so many deaths. After i finished the third book I appreciated fully the size of the writer`s intelligence. Lisbeth and Bloomkvist very strong characters, as are so many of the others in the books. The third book is the best for me, where evrything finally fa ... Read more

      NOT A DRAG!

      Submitted: 14 December 2011
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      The girl with the dragon tattoo

      I absolutely was engrossed in this book, every minute i had a chance to read i was buried in my book. cannot wait for millenium two, i want to get it and NOW!!!!!!!! He was a legend Stiegg Larson xxxxxx
      Martha i Nottingham
      Submitted: 8 December 2011
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      I have found a new favorite Author only to find he is gone!

      As a struggling author I know what I like and what constitutes a spell-binding book (I hope) and the trilogy sat on my end table for months as I tried to start the first of the three. It is difficult to start because Mr. Larsson’s style is a bit of an acquired taste. But picking it up one day, I started reading and it all hit me at once. I immediately started the book over and barely put it down except to do essential jobs and sleep. I loved the book, the mystery and suspense and found that I was sure I had it figured out mid-way through; only to find I was way wide of the mark. I picked up ... Read more

      Amazing writer

      An absolutely amazing writer the books flow from one to the other like one. Not in any part of the 3 books is there a flat spot which I have never come across before. Kept me completey intrigued from book to book was actually sad to have finished them I could have read so many more !
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      The books are overrated. The characters are interesting and plausible, but the plot is linear and the writing style dry.
      Ben i Athens
      Submitted: 24 November 2011
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      Who Wins?

      Characters in this book range from sympathetic to unbelievable. Blomqvist is everyman, highly talented; we like him in spite of his failings. Salander (The Girl …) is the techie researcher/savant who rights wrongs in her own way – the antihero. Henrik Vanger supposedly doesn’t know anything ab ... Read more

      Just fantastic – Brilliant writer

      Read all three books. Just fantastic.. Brilliant writer... I was hoping against hope ( in the last few lines at the end) that it would be Dr. Anders Jonnason who would be calling on Lizbeth Salander... Now that would be a fantastic story...!!
      Ruzbey MISTRI i Canada...
      Su ... Read more

      The book you can’t put down..

      This is a book that weaves you in and out of Intrigue and mystery. From the inside and out. It tells of a conspiracy within a government so deep that the Prime Minister doesn’t even know about this Secret organization. You are taken step by step into a world of computers, government and Spies. Into a world of domestic violence and child abuse that is being covered up by this Secret Organization just to protect a defector from another country. The only way that Lisbeth Salander can survive is through the use of her calculating mind and wit. Unknown to her though she has several friends on the ... Read more

      The books are liberally sprinkled with irritations

      Retired for some years & consequently much more time for quality “crime” type novels. I try to read all of a writers output, if at all. There is much really good stuff, both scandanavian, USA & GB. I am in the high hundreds, so far! However, despite the unfortunate death of the author, we should not over-praise because of the unusual nature of the young female investigator? The books are liberally sprinkled with irritations, some relating to unlikely changes of tone or unexplained actions of secondary persons, not to mention the ” too obvious “? political leanings of the au ... Read more

      Spoiler Alert: Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” trilogy is AWESOME

      Forget sleeping or working for 2 weeks: once you've got your hands on these nearly-1000-pages-each books you won't put them down. The dark shadows under my eyes are testament to how gripping these stories were. If you haven't read them yet, close this window because I'm about to dive into details (and you wouldn't want to ruin the story for yourself. Honestly, even if you won't read them then wait for the movies to come out in English). SPOILER ALERT (no lawsuits henceforth): Warning to the Swedes: All my impressions of Sweden come from what I've managed to glean from my school and th ... Read more

      My hands were stuck to the book

      I loved Salander. I kept waiting most of the time for her character to keep popping up.
      Apoorva i Ahmedabad
      Submitted: 22 August 2011
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      I love Froken Salander

      What a ride I’ve been taken on. I mostly only read technical literature. When I do read a novel I am gripped in the first few paragraphs or not at all. Millenium 1 has the kind of start that would normally put me off. But it didn’t. I have never read anything more compelling. The characters c ... Read more

      Never have read a series this enticing…

      Until now! My inability to find another series this amazing all started when I was at Blockbuster and an employee recommended the new movie they had gotten, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He said that if I could bear to watch a movie with English subtitles then this movie would leave me wanting more. Sure enough, after watching the movie I could not help but read the book. I read the others and have also watched all three films. The story leads you through twists and turns with moments that range from sexy to pure disgust, yet even through those moments where you feel practically sick to you ... Read more

      without a doubt this one of the best books i have read

      i am a heavy reader of thrillers and after reading the triology i sat back and podered over this book for a while.without a doubt this one of the best books i have read i could not put it down.what a pity he left so early l.k.meen
      l.k.mend i
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      Froom an old lay who majored in lit in the 50′s:

      I don’t think that a reader could ask (or should ask) more from an author. The book is so well thought out, that even though it took me a month to read it, its content and depth of concern for modern “happenings” will stay with me (the reader) always. I think the book should be on a “Requ ... Read more

      Mystery book

      I love this book and this is the first book more than 500 pages that i finished within a week. Usually, it takes me more than 2 weeks to finish a book this long. This book is a page turner and right now, I am reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. The ending of “The Girl with the Dragon ... Read more

      Marvealous MOVIE

      I really like the film and read the three book as well. The main actress is so fantastic.I would love to meet her.Magnificent movie and a great writer so sad that he passed away.
      Yasmin Nelson i Australia
      Submitted: 27 July 2011
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      A riptide of a read

      Steig larssons millennium trilogy is, I feel, truly a masterpiece, with more slippery twists than a pit of vipers. He weaves the reader in to ever deeper plot and sub-plot with such flair, that I just could not put it down. Dark and disturbing? Oh Yes!gruesome? undoubtedly! but brilliant in its comp ... Read more

      Best books ever!

      I read all three books and hunger for more! The best read in a long time. It’s amazing how Steig kept my interest. As my friends would say, “the books went to the bathroom with you”! Hard to put down once you started them.
      Susan Olson i Chelmsford,
      Submitted: 23 June 2011Read more

      Only Praise for Larsson..

      I have to say this boook is one of the most thrilling and fascinating books I have ever read. The phrase page turner does not even begin to do it justice. I admire the intriguing characters Larsson has created. you can not help but empathize with their emotions. This book pulls you into a different ... Read more


      Riich Trilogy of guts, glory and the power of simplicity weilded with the imagination of pains threshhold. Grita Larssom
      Grita i Manchestet
      Submitted: 9 June 2011
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      Multilayered Read!!

      Graphically real, this series looks at so many societal of the greatest being the “systems” in place that are to protect children. Lisbeth is a very real person in many societies. “Abuse of power” demonstrated in these books made me cringe. The “layers of deceit” within institutions that allows innocents to suffer and the foibles of the human condition that cover them up is devastating. On the contrary, I disagree with the reader’s comment of “what an imagination!”. I think Stiegg Larson could see only too well what can and does happen in society. I ap ... Read more


      I love these books!
      Emily i London
      Submitted: 7 June 2011
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      fantastic plot!!! i’m in love with this book!!!!
      Submitted: 6 June 2011
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      2 down 1 to go…

      definition of indulgence: opening the first page of a book, then spending the whole day utterly engrossed until the last page, allbeit at 0630hr in the morning!!! What a gift for writing Stieg possessed. Just going to recover from my sleep deprived state before buying the next one. I look forward to ... Read more

      This book left me COLD

      A mystery. Yes, a disappearance. On an island off the coast of Stockholm, accessible only by one bridge, a teenage girl has disappeared. The man hired to look into this mystery (the Swedish equivalent of Hercule Poirot, perhaps), is Mikael Blomqvist, an investigative financial reporter in his forties, who specializes in exposing sleaze and corruption for a magazine he co-owns with his married lover. The only problem is: this is what they call a ?cold case.? Harriet Vanger went missing forty years ago, and her great uncle, an elderly industrial magnate called Henrik Vanger, believes she was ... Read more


      I am blown away. Read the “Dragon …reading the Fire one…my eyeballs may fall out…work interrupts my reading! Was in the Kindle Shop…browsing…and am I glad I found these books!
      P. Lovin i Greer, SC
      Submitted: 5 May 2011
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      I didn’t like it either!

      Although I am not critical of the novel’s form or value, I am quite simply astonished at its popularity. The finely drawn perversity of the characters is unsettling, and their wide appeal is distressing. Let’s face it – there is some awfully sick stuff going on in this book, and frankly, MY li ... Read more


      This book was a waste of paper!It (for some reason) has won all of these awards and got great reviews so I thought it would be good but it was exactly the opposite! The first 2/3 of the book is political jargon and then it finally gets into this supposedly ?gory and disgusting? mystery which was the best part of the book but I knew what happened to the girl the second I began reading Part 3. If the story could have been entirely the mystery, I would have increased the rating greatly! On the positive end, the characters were fantastic! They were very well created and mixed together perfectly ... Read more

      All Chacteristics of a Great Story

      I believe a lot of the problem preconceived about this movie is it’s depth. This is not a bad thing, but rather, not to be taken as ‘light watching’ material. The subject matter, albeit heavy, is beautifully portrayed without glorifying the horrific nature of the acts. Not for everyone; defina ... Read more


      I couldn’t put the book down, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never pick it up again. The storyline was gripping, and the characters fantastic. However, the amount of detail and planning in the sadistic acts in the book was far too much for me. I find it disturbing that the book gets such fantastic r ... Read more

      The Millennium Trilogy

      3 excellent books – absolutely gripping. Quite complex with the number of characters and sub-plots but this is a strength not a weakness. Even fiction reading should engage our grey matter a bit. Having seen the first film, thankfully after I’d read the book, the books are far superior.
      ... Read more


      Enjoy the series for yourself.
      Randian i Portland
      Submitted: 27 February 2011
      ... Read more


      A mind blowing story about a girl who is out an out fighter. The book is captivating and right paced. The way the story unravels keeps you hooked right till the end. The character Lisbeth Salander inspires both awe and sympathy. The girl has seen the worst and is prepared for even more. Her spirit to fight all odds and come out successful is just awesome. The books clearly show how a father-daughter relationship can affect the psychology of a child and what can become of her. The way Lisbeth and Michael dig out secrets clearly shows a lot of presence of mind and use of common sense in ... Read more


      I thought all three books were absolutely fascinating. It was hard to put them down for very long. The characters were great. I had never heard of Stieg Larrson before. I did read the Playing With Fire first. After finnishing that book I had to have the Dragon Tatoo and then finnished with ... Read more

      Inspiring on so many levels

      At about 4:30 am yesterday, I finished the third novel, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. As will the other two volumes, I simply couldn’t put it down, no matter how sleepy I got. It was well worth the sleepless night. The books and Steig Larsson himself are inspiring on so many levels. Inspiring in the sense that although many of those she encountered in her life despised and violated Lisbeth Salander, most people who met her actually rallied to her cause. Suggesting, I hope, that there is hope for this world if more people will fight injustice rather than capitulate to injustice. ... Read more

      Two of a kind.

      The novel’s portrayal of an emotionally battered heroine, helped me to deal with my own insecurities. That is the sign of a good book.
      solidity i Santa Paula
      Submitted: 17 February 2011
      ... Read more

      Hard to describe…

      I don’t know where to start, was what I read good or bad? Something inbetween, parhaps? No, it was just out of the leauge of what we usually see. It wasn’t the ordaniary detective story or the ordaniary drama, it something different. Something extraordaniary. Read it now, and you’ll never stop ... Read more

      Larsson is a sick minded genius!

      no words can describe the respect I feel towards him, I still haven't read the second and third book of the series. However The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was mind blowing, the events and stories within the overall plot were so meticulously written, and obviously researched that I questioned whethe ... Read more

      I’m in love again

      When I finished the series I felt as if I had said goodbye to a dear friend which I was never going to see again. Desperately searching the possibilities of another edition to the series that might have been stacked away somewhere…
      Roger i London
      Submitted: 4 February 2011Read more


      What a gifted writer, so sad to lose him when he was building up speed. Each book is very detailed, very well thought out and creatively written. I have enjoyed each one and so wish there were more to come……
      Kathy i Del Norte
      Submitted: 31 January 2011
      ... Read more

      Finally A Female James Bond

      I did not rush through this one…knowing it would be the last of Larsson’s books! Great read!!! Posted by: Monty in Lake Placid, FL Submitted: 29 January 2011 ... Read more

      If their was another book I would read it too.

      I read all three of these books, in a month and a half. I liked them so much, I think their could still be a fourth. Salander could still do much more. Does thier affair continue when she opens the door? Does anyone ever find out where all the money went? The mob owner ends up dead, does th ... Read more

      The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

      Having just finished ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, I swore off any further reading of this trilogy due the the accumulation of dust that has gone unattended throughout my house. Never have I been so mesmerized by a story line and (at age 75) I’ve been through many story lines. Now, I can ... Read more

      perfect example

      it was a wonderfull example how strong and bad world is, today? Stories are perfekt good s win and bad? I wish that nobody else in this world dont hurt as Lis.
      Submitted: 15 January 2011
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      Millennium triology is a drug and it has no cure.
      ganesh i pune
      Submitted: 10 January 2011
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      Fantastic prose, written in the most intriguing manner. Excellent mix of incredibly diverse characters, and unrivalled plot development. By far the best crime novel debut to come on the scene in many a year. The world has lost a fantastic author in Stieg Larsson.
      Matthew i Pont ... Read more

      Perhaps the finest book since Silence of the Lambs

      Recently finished reading this first book in the three part series. Brilliant. Thought-provoking. Unusual. Leaves the reader begging for more. Not since Silence of the Lambs have I read a book of this caliber in this genre.
      Joseph Jordan i Flint, Michigan
      Submitted: 29 December 2 ... Read more

      Stieg Larsson and psychiatry

      Hi everybody, I am reading the third part of the trilogy and I would like to bring attention to the many connections of this remarkable masterpiece with issues relating mental health. The hinted diagnosis of Salander as suffering from Asperger's Syndrome, the years of inpatient admission in a children mental health hospital under a dodgy psychiatrist who colluded with the swedish secret service, several men suffering from sexual perversions and named psychopath, like Zalachenko described as psychotic, paranoid, pathologically violent ans certainly psychopath. Stieg probably knew a lot ab ... Read more

      Brilliant! I was left wanting more!

      I went from one book to the next as fast I could. Inspired by the depth of the characterizations, I wa led into a world I knew nothing about and felt captive there. Larsson’s background in journalism seems to have left a huge imprint on his work, which I fully appreciate. To me at least, the skill ... Read more

      All hype from what I can see…

      I first loved but ultimately despised these books in the same way that I first loved then hated Dan Brown’s novels. Larsson creates the plot excellently in the first book and all looks set for a gripping series of thrillers, but even as the first book finishes and the details start to unravel in t ... Read more

      the openion of a teenager :) hydi =3

      Iam reading now the 3th one I’ve read the 1ft and the 2nd in less than a month The novels rlly took me breath away and it has a lot of meanings and ideas And everytime I think I got it ..stieg surprise me !!!! I’ve read a lot of novels all my life but this one deserve respect
      ... Read more

      New Paradime

      Never again will I look at girls/women who dress like Lisbeth the same. I will always wonder if they have the skills to take care of themselves and not take any s—. There is hope.
      Beverly McCoy i Lima, Ohio
      Submitted: 3 December 2010
      ... Read more

      Page turner

      Amazing story. Great story! Bought it in Venice,read it in 2 days and sacraficed a few trips. It was time well spent!! Have to buy the next 2 sequences today..
      Gert Draisma i Amsterdam
      Submitted: 2 December 2010
      ... Read more

      The Romance

      I am almost finished with the 2nd book but am hesitant, as I don’t want it to end, I want to spend more living the story. Beginning from the first book, Larsson’s characters Salander and Blomkvist are people the reader is drawn to. You want to hang out with them, watch them and follow them,discover more of them. Especially Lisbeth, who is made into a sort of super-human, imperfect but stronger than the average mortals, and who, despite her dark side, is really a white night eliminating evil in the world, and in a way all of us would secretly love to do. Her disease is her strength, and for ... Read more

      Dragon Tattoo

      Average predictable thriller. Very James Patterson. The hype is unwarranted. Brendan i Brooklyn, NY
      Submitted: 27 November 2010
      ... Read more

      “A literary masterpiece, that should be taught in schools around the world”

      I heard about this book in the big hub-bub around it during the summer. My mom’s boss lent her a copy of it (not a good choice)and I gave it a look. I wasn’t ‘instantly captivated’ as some say, but it looked good. Anyways when I finally did buy and read the book as a birthday present, within the first hour I was beyond captivated, I was completely and utterly enthralled by the sheer literary genius and complexity of it. I finished late two nights later and was shell shocked by it. In a good way though. I have tried getting my illiterate friends to read it, but they are all to captivate ... Read more

      trilogy/lisbeth salander

      Stieg Larsson is definitely, in my opinion, up there with Tolstoy and Sholokov….what a wonderful writer. I can’t remember a book mesmerising me as much as his trilogy for many many years. What a tragedy to lose such a brilliant author far too early…..imagine the books we will never ha ... Read more

      slow to start but thrilling end

      It took a lot to keep going when I first started but, the story progressed to a thrilling pace. it gave me a chance to try and solve the mystery myself. This the the style of writing I like.
      Cheryl i Brisbane, Australia
      Submitted: 6 November 2010
      ... Read more


      ’ve only just finished the first novel “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo”. I am enchanted by Lisbeth Salander and cannot wait to read the next two novels only because of her character. I personally found the novel difficult. It grabbed my attention immediately because of the Wennenstrom (sic) ... Read more

      Last installment to the Millennium series and it was insanely good!

      I just finished reading the last installment to the Millennium series and it was insanely good! It meet my expectation that Larsson will end with a big WOW and until the last page, Larsson created a remarkable series that ought to be in everybody’s bookshelf. The series was a remarkably easy read though it’s a thick book. The characters were well thought of and you wouldn’t be left guessing because Larsson details every person and is written in an incredible story that is believable. Do you ever read a book and stopped midway because of the somewhat unrealistic or too common plot? Wel ... Read more

      This series keeps getting better and better!

      This series keeps getting better and better! I love the first book and thought that Larsson played the characters brilliantly. With this book, he didn’t hesitant on giving his twist that will make you say, “What??? Is that for real?” I mean I had that same feeling near the end of the book. When I thought that it was great with how the story goes, then I read another twist which makes the book so explosive. This is a great read especially for people like me that loves mystery suspense. Well my comment again like with the first book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I had a hard time ke ... Read more

      If you love a good mystery, you should pick up the book.

      I love reading thriller and mysteries, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was worth it with every turn of a page. It was fast paced, a lot of twist and turns. I actually kept thinking throughout the book. Even after reading the book, I still think about it. Stieg Larsson wrote an incredible good read. The only comment that I will make though is that, the order of the scenes should have been different. The affair between the Millennium magazine and Wennerström should have been written before the ending and not as the ending. It would have had a better impact if the story about Harriet was the ... Read more

      a tribute to a triology

      My work involves working in the desert of Saudi Arabia, 160 kilometers away from the nearest bookstore. I can only go to the City every Friday so I make must of my time buying supplies and of course visiting bookstores. I just finished reading the 1st and 2nd book and is very anxious to get hold of ... Read more

      truely amazing

      I read the last book first, typical,i took this book on holiday and never put it down,fabulous read,what agreat loss of a great writer
      michelle elliott i preston england
      Submitted: 13 October 2010
      ... Read more


      So many excellent books I have read in the past have had weak endings – almost as if the writer had lost interest and finished the work quickly. But the Millennium trilogy was totally satisfying. I can’t remember reading such exciting detective novels since the early novels of Patricia Cornwell. ... Read more

      Unbelievable stories

      Unbelievable story writting. Really, I was definitley impressed by his writting and the story. I’m on the 2nd book now in which has me equally impressed as the first. I bought the trilogy. I’m looking forward to having read all 3. Denise
      Denise Corriere i Wakefield, Mass
      S ... Read more


      Couldn’t put my Kindle down. I could see every moment of Salander’s life and all I wanted was Blomkvist to do was to be with her and for her to accept his help. I couldn’t breathe when she was digging herself out of the grave.
      Carolyn i South Carolina
      Submitted: 24 Septe ... Read more

      Read slowly!

      Having just finished the first in the series, I find that I am trying to re-learn how to read. Such brilliant writing doesn’t inspire slow reading – I kept creating excuses to escape from my duties as a mother and full time journalist to devour another few pages. Knowning there’s only two book ... Read more

      Stilted writing

      I have got to be one of the three people in the world who did not like this book. Yes, the plot is different and the Salander character is someone whose like we have not seen before. However, the writing is incredibly stiff and dry. In my opnion, the author had little skill in either developing characters or getting to the point. The book is over 800 pages long. After the first 300 pages I still found the main characters to be one dimensional and poorly drawn. I had nearly put the book away because of the dry and mechanical sentence structure, but friends urged me to keep going. After 400 p ... Read more

      What a loss!

      My Swedish friend Maggie gave me the first book while I was visiting her. She also told me the story of Stieg Larsson. I only hope his life partner gets her money, as she was the one he chose to spend his life with. And, she was there during all the hours writing, reading and editing. It is such a l ... Read more