Expo Magazine, started in 1995 by Stieg Larsson, is a Swedish anti-racist publication issued by the non-profit Expo Foundation (Stiftelsen Expo). The magazine is published quarterly and focuses on investigative journalism, covering topics like nationalist, racist, anti-democratic, antisemitic, and far-right movements and organizations. Besides the print magazine, Expo also publishes articles and podcasts online on a more regular basis.

Expo Magazine
Snapshot of Expo.se‘s homepage in 2004 via Wayback Machine.

Stieg Larsson, who is well-known for his Millennium series of novels, was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Expo from its inception until his death in 2004. His background in far-left political activism and journalism influenced his decision to establish the Expo Foundation. The foundation’s primary aim is to study and map anti-democratic, right-wing extremist, and racist tendencies in society.

Expo gained significant attention in Sweden in 1996 following threats and attacks against those associated with the magazine. Financial challenges in 1998 led to a brief cessation of the magazine’s publication, which was later resumed in 1999 as part of the magazine Svartvitt. After Svartvitt shut down in 2003, Expo re-emerged as an independent magazine.

As of 2014, the magazine had a circulation of 3,500 copies. The current editor-in-chief is Anna Fröjd, and Daniel Poohl serves as CEO and publisher. The magazine is based in Stockholm.

Expo’s work extends beyond its publication. It involves monitoring far-right groups and phenomena, maintaining an extensive archive of far-right material, and publishing annual reports on racial-ideological milieu. They also produce educational materials for schools and give talks across Sweden to increase awareness about racism and its mechanisms.

The foundation relies on various funding sources, including magazine subscriptions, ad sales, donations, and occasional government grants. The family of Stieg Larsson has also made significant contributions to support Expo’s work.

Expo operates independently of any specific political organizations or parties, collaborating with individuals and organizations that share its fundamental values against racism and in defense of democratic society.

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