I read that a six episode miniseries of the millennium trilogy was made, anyone know how I could watch it? I’m in the US, can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet

Posted by Polly in Freeport , 23 June 2011


Best Answer:

The millennium miniseries have been released on DVD. They are marketed under a different name, which is “Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition“.

The DVD is available for purchase on Amazon.

dragon tattoo trilogy extended edition

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  1. The Swedish television series is avalable on a rapidshare download at the Bolt.Org site with English subtitles. Search ” Stieg Larssons Millennium Sweden”

    Posted by dfr in chicago ,

  2. The Bolt site didn’t work for me. I’d love to see the mini series. I understand that is 110 minutes longer than the three movies combined and goes into much more detail. Recently I found an extended version of ‘Tattoo’ For example it showed the scene where Lizbeth bales out on her relationship with Blomkvist after seeing him and Berger together…A strong scene in the book where she curses her feelings and vulnerability but then edited out of movie. It made me realize that the movies, which left a lot gaps and were disjointed at times, probably left other important scenes on the editing room floor.

    Posted by hilodave in Hawaii ,

  3. do you still want them? ive seen the 6 episodes and im in mexico. they are in Sweedish but with eng subs.

    Posted by dafas in mexico ,

  4. I have just been to the Bolt.org site but they are no longer accepting registrations and I could find nothing through the search engine on there about the Millenium 6 programme TV series. If anyone can point me towards where I can find them I would be so grateful. I have read the boooks, seen the Swedish films twice and watched the Daniel Craig US film of the first book. The characters are superb and the stories link and run together well.

    Posted by tedmiami in Rochford UK ,

  5. Can you please send me the links too?? I’m looking for the serie for ages! veke_87hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot!

    Posted by CVE in Belgium ,

  6. Can you please send me the links too? I really can’t find it elsewhere.



    Posted by NM in Belgium ,

  7. Would much appreciate the Millenium tv mini-series links as well. Thank you in advance.

    Chui Chimani


    Posted by Chui Chimani in Barnstable MA US ,

  8. Can you please send me the links too? I really can’t find it :)


    Posted by Miha in Ljubljana ,

  9. Could you please send me the links too? )


    Thanks a lot

    Posted by Lavr in Toronto ,

  10. Could you send me links, please?

    I dream about watching Swedish series with English subtitles.


    I would appreciate it very much.

    Posted by Wal in Ireland ,

  11. Hello,

    Could I also have the link? I absolutely love the Millennium series – kingmaooutlook.com

    Thank you!

    Posted by Mao ,

  12. Could you send me links, please?

    I dream about watching Swedish series with English subtitles. bruna00mggmail.com

    Posted by bruna in brazil ,

  13. Could you please send me the link also …Thanks very much !


    Posted by huxley in amsterdam ,

  14. Could I have the links as well please? I just spent a whole day downloading a painfully slow torrent that ended up being this series dubbed in italian! -.-


    thanks a lot! :)

    Posted by MV in Zagreb ,

  15. Could I get the link aswell? The internet needs this mini-series.:)



    Posted by lupoz in budapest ,

  16. hey please i’m huge fun off the movies,can somebody please email me the links of the extended episodes?!tkank yo very much!!

  17. I’ll try Netflix, but if anyone could email me the linkk, I would be eternally gatreful! :)


    Posted by buni in SP ,

  18. Of course they are available on Netflix as “Dragon Tatoo Trilogy: Extended Edition. The 6 part series is fabulous. You barely realize you’re reading subtitles. The writing and production are that good.

    Posted by Don S in Jamesport, NY ,

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