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      I hope her sweet doctor returns in upcoming books! Also, in book 4, is Annika's pregnancy is never addressed from what I remember? ... Read more

      The girl in the spider’s web

      10/12/2015 i just finished this book. i was disappointed. There did not seem to be enough about Lisbeth, instead a lot of peripheral characters. Found several misspelled words, as I did read every single word. I was
      disappointed that it was not more exciting. I read the trilogy in two weeks. It ... Read more

      salander’s mistake

      during some of their correspondence, Blomkvist wrote to Slaander that she made a mistake when stealing the billions-that he knew she did it, but, we never hear what it is. Anybody figure that out?

      Posted by Janna Wachter in Seattle , 30 April ... Read more

      Italian Translation

      Hi, I am new to the club and I literally devouring the first book. I agree with every single positive – nay, enthusiastic – evaluation, and I am a difficult reader to please. But I must add that the translation is less than perfect, somewhat goofy and often awkward. Some of the expressions so ... Read more

      Dbase Program Mentioned in “Girl With The…”

      I gave my copy of the book away to a friend won’t get it back soon. Larsson mentions a computer database program and gives a web address of where to download it.

      Anyone have this information? Otherwise I may just go to a bookstore and leaf through until I find the page.

      Th ... Read more

      Lisbeth’s sister??

      Posted by , 24 February 2010

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      Salander’s hacking program

      Can a hacker find a way to “hack into”read a Word documents on someone else’s computer (similar to what Salander did to Blomkvist)?

      Posted by Gary_Edmunds in Neew York City , 17 September 2009

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      Lisbeth’s Height

      How tall is Lisbeth? In my edition of The Girl Who Played with Fire on page 15 “She still weighed only forty kilos and stood one metre twenty-four centimetres tall. In Chapter 4 of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, she is described on pages 61 and 65 as one metre fifty tall. The English ... Read more

      comprehensive character list for The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

      Does anyone know if there exists a COMPLETE who’s who list of all the characters in this book? I have listed over 60 and counting!

      Finished all three.

      Posted by Patricia Soto in Miami, Florida , 17 August 2010

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      2nd book mistake?….easy way to catch Salander

      remember how blomkvist find salander apartment?

      ..the letter in salanders mailbox..

      whoever write that letter can tell the police.

      cause Salander is very popular after…right?

      but why not? hm….

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      Violence against women…

      I haven’t read all the discussions opened on this website, but I was wondering if somebody has brood about one of the Trilogy’s main topics: Violence against women. I’m from a country that technically is not a country but I believe it is, Puerto Rico, where unfortunately violence against wo ... Read more

      History of the Dragon Tattoo Bike

      A fan portrayal

      Posted by , 3 June 2012

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      So what’s next on your reading list?

      after a marathon (1 month maybe too long?) for the 3 books, i feel like i need mystery/thriller books for my next reading marathon this coming Christmas break.

      still looking around bookstores for some books to stock up on before december comes. i am looking at the George RR Martin’ So ... Read more

      A 5th Book found… or is it the 4th?

      from: ,http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11513216>

      ‘Fifth’ Stieg Larsson book in existence

      Larsson’s books have become major best-sellers

      The existence of an unfinished manuscript by late author Stieg Larsson’s Girl with the Dragon series has been confirmed by his family.

      His brother Joakim said in a US TV interview that the writer told him 10 days before his sudden death in 2004 that the book was “nearly finished”.

      Mr Larsson told CBS’s Sunday Morning show that it was written as the fifth story rather than the fourt ... Read more