american version will suck

is it just me or does anyone else think the american film version of “the girl with the dragon tattoo” is going to royally suck? lol, just watched the trailer, i am not impressed david fincher!

Posted by polly in freeport , 23 June 2011

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  1. I’ve read the books and seen the Swedish films.

    I’m an American. I think Hollywood tends to ruin

    foreign films whenever they do remakes, mostly

    by attempting to appeal primarily to target audiences

    of young male imbeciles. Having seen a preview of the

    American version, as well as reading magazine articles

    about it, I sincerely believe the persons responsible for

    this new version of Lisbeth Salander, have not the slightest interest in portraying her as anything but a

    sexual fantasy object for these same imbeciles. If the books are any indication, Stieg Larsson was a man who

    genuinely liked and respected women. I’m inclined to

    believe he would have approved of Noomi Rapaces portrayal of Salander. I find the image of Mara as a half nude Lisbeth draped over a motorcycle with a man tattooing her buttock just a tad out of character.

    her buttock just a bit

    Posted by Murmillo in San Francisco ,

  2. I am stunned by all the comments written by Americans saying the Swedish movies suck. Well, you know, the world is a globe and there are places where things are very different to smalltown USA. And very different to Hollywood, too.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt ,

  3. Personally, I read the books after I saw the trailer for the new version. After I read all the books, I saw the Swedish movies. So, if anything, the new movies will only draw more attention to the books and Swedish movies. Even though I absolutely loved Noomi and loved all the beautiful shots of Sweden, I’m still really excited for Fincher’s version. The poster WAS pretty disgusting, but after watching all the trailers for it, I think it might really capture that incredibly eerie and heart pounding atmosphere of the book. But, I’m hoping that they won’t screw with the feminist ideas that Larsson wanted people to take away from his work.

    Posted by Anna in St. Louis ,

  4. Oh, everybody just relax. Don’t judge the movies until you’ve seen them! I personally think Craig is a good choice for Bloomkvist, and Fincher is a fantastic director that doesn’t flinch from moments in a script that make your stomach churn.

    Posted by Devon in Pittsburgh, PA ,

  5. David Fincher is a great director, something that appears from his films…But unfortunately he will make the girl with the dragon tattoo, double-action than Larsson’s book and he will miss his feminist and socialist views!!! As for Daniel Graig the Bloomkvist’s role does not match him at all!!! DON’T mention Mara… She’s so unsuitable to play Salander!!! NOOMI is the most talented and beautiful actress and nobody can play Lisbet better than her!!!

    Posted by fox in greece ,

  6. Fox in greece you’re a fucking idiot. Have you even read the books? Anorexic waif who looks like a 14 year old boy? Rooney fits that description much more accurately, who it sounds like you’re just ASSUMING Fincher will miss the female empowerment that takes place in the movie.

    Posted by I think you’re an idiot in Dumbasstown ,

  7. Film versions of novels always lack many key plot elements. The Swedish films were great, but reading the books first helps with unavoidable discontinuities in the flicks.

    Posted by Steve in Aurora CO USA ,

  8. As a big fan of the books who though Micheal Nykvist and Noomi did an excellent job in those bastardizations I feel that the American version is one of the best movies ever made.

    Posted by Usmovers_02 in Goffstown, NH ,

  9. It seems from the reviews and comments made on the this discussion board so far since the film opened that

    American version of ‘Tattoo’ did not suck

    Posted by pete in Boston ,

  10. The American version did not do justice to the books and certainly did not improve upon the Swedish movies. Too bad; the trailer looked good but as many people said the american movie would lack social commentary and washout Lisbeth’s strong sense of Feminism.

    Posted by in Regina, SK Canada ,

  11. I thought the american, David Fincher directed version was SOOOO much better. For one, i hate dubbed movies, and subtitles even more. But the MAIN Reason, I think Rooney Mara owned it! Completely. Totally. But, hey that’s just my own opinion…

    Posted by joehandy2 in BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA ,

  12. I liked this movie it was like a good book written into something that people could act in like for real

    Posted by poster in nc ,

  13. Read the English translations. Saw the American version of Girl. Watched all 3 Swedish movies last week and can honestly say the American version of Girl is much closer to the source material and does a better job representing the characters the way they are described in the novels. Rooney Mara is the very embodiment of Lisbeth Salander!!! I cannot wait until they get the other two American movies out.

    I still don’t know, however, how anyone could keep up in the Swedish or American movie versions without having read the books. My poor husband sat through Girl with me at the movies and had a laundry list of questions when we left the theatre. I don’t mind reading subtitles and enjoy foreign films, but I just thought David Fincher really took it to the next level with his production. The script was much better.

    Posted by Jeanne in Denham Springs, LA ,

  14. So I am in love with this series. I finished all 3 books in 2 weeks. I’ve watched the Swedish version movie of the first and the american version and I am in the middle of watching the 2nd swedish movie right now on netflix….however, it is one of the worst done movies I have ever seen. The American version of the first movie was also much better than the Swedish version…the plot was a lot closer to the book. This second movie is just downright impossible to watch. It’s like a bad soap opera. The dude playing Mikael Blomquist is about 50 pounds overweight and cries like a baby. all of the characters are soft. Not even Lisbeth is portrayed well – she is like a lost character in this movie- very forgetful. I cannot wait until the american version comes out for book 2. I will be poorly dissappointed if it is anything like this crap I’m watching now on netflix with subtitles. Another thing- the damn old guy- her original guardian looks scary as crap and he should be put down.

    Posted by Ryan Furlong in Huntersville, NC ,

  15. I personally thought the Swedish versions of all three movies were far and away better than the American. I was extremely disappointed in Daniel Craig’s performance, and I’m one of his fans.

    Posted by trinjboro in Jonesboro ,

  16. The American version did not “suck”, per se, but I see no reason to watch it when the Swedish ones are available and so much better.

    Posted by Dragonreader in Alamogordo ,

  17. At the end of Feb 2015 it appears that the American version of TGwtDT will stand alone since no one wants to invest the other two, in part because Craig wants too much money and probably because the Swedish Trilogy took the wind out of the American sails especially in the extended (TV mini-series) version was too complete.

    I think Noomi did close to a definitive, job–if she were smaller it would have been total, not much SHE can do about that, is there?

    That said, Rooney had a good take and Fincher had some insight into the character I found original but …Harriet in England for all those years was a stretch.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

  18. My half read the books when they first came out…I just finished reading them. I was not interested at first. Finished them in less than a month, and begged hin to watch the Swedish version. He did not like them at all (fell asleep thru most), but I enjoyed the movies. Just waiting till the US DVD comes out

  19. Alas, Fincher’s adaption is about to be released on Blu-ray and DVD, and this topic has been proved wrong.

    Not only was Fincher’s adaption a great adaption of the book, but it was also better than the Swedish version!

    Posted by in Chicago ,

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