Spanish Tittles horrendous

Hello All, What happen with the spanish translated titles they don’t represent what the book is all about. The covers are unbelievable old design. I guess that’s we like in spanish books. A good amount of people when I shared my enthusiasm about the books they said how can somebody read a book with those titles? The translation was so stupid that it really does not call your attention to read the books. Hopefully they change them to something that makes sense both the titles and the covers. You should see them. AMazingly ugly.

Posted by DJ in Madrid , 26 June 2011

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4 thoughts on “Spanish Tittles horrendous”
  1. the name of the book.

    i saw them they surely suck

    i mean they didn’t said “the girl who played with fire” the translation to that would have been :”la chica que jugo con fuego” but it says like the girl who dreamed with a gas can and a lighter, it SUCKS.

    Posted by Viv Uni in san jose,Costa Rica ,

  2. Dude!!! theyre closer to be literal translations of the swedish titles and not the stylized english titles, though I do confess the first time i saw “los Hombres que no amaban a las mujeres” I thought they were complaint chick lit… even the ultra thin ladies on the cover make it look more like chick lit and less baddassssss

    Posted by Rodrifox in Tegucigalpa, Honduras ,

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