american version will suck

is it just me or does anyone else think the american film version of “the girl with the dragon tattoo” is going to royally suck? lol, just watched the trailer, i am not impressed david fincher!

Posted by polly in freeport , 23 June 2011

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  1. I’m American. I agree. As for the Swedish versions, I loved Noomi Rapace and I thought she was perfect, they stuck to the story well– but Mikael had none of the flair or cheekiness that’s so likeable, not that I think Daniel Craig will do him justice… but I hope it would be better than Michael Nyqvist.

    Posted by Brookins in Baton Rouge ,

  2. Why do we need an American version? The movie was perfect and Noomi Rapace deserved an Oscar. She was incredible.

    Posted by Gloriamaria in Miami, Fl. ,

  3. lets face it hollywood movie are never as good as foreign things they re-do but there is a chance it might be entertaining and hopefully it dosent ruin the books for people who have yet to experience them and as for brookins i totally disagree, mikael was plenty good in the films but to each there own i supose

    Posted by benwashear in a place ,

  4. Well, i have seen the trailer and it made me very hopeful! I think that the american version will be very good. Looking forward to the relase dec-21.

    Posted by Herr T. in Stockholm ,

  5. If there is one thing I hate about American films and television (and, yes, I am an American) it’s how they try to pass off Southern California as every part of the rest of the world, or, even it they do make a film at some other location, they get it wrong – for example, trying to pass either Colorado (the original True Grit) or Eastern and Southern Oregon (Rooster Cogburn and the Lady) as early Kansas and Oklahoma where there is no part of Kansas or Oklahoma that remotely resembles Oregon or Colorado. My point is this, it won’t be “Dragon Tattoo” without Swedes in it, and the Swedish settings.

    Posted by Grandson of a Fogelquist in Klamath Falls, Oregon ,

  6. Yeah, I absolutely adore David Fincher’s work, and thought he did an admirable job at translating Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” on to the screen. But i must say, I’m still very concerned that even with a respectable and accomplished director such as Fincher, that the movie will, like another reader said, only focus on the action of the books. Just big explosions, gun fire, blah blah blah! And I know this sounds perverse, but I really think if they didn’t translate all of the more explicit sequences properly, it would also be a loss. Not for a sensationalistic need of mine, but more for the fact that it helps portray where Salander’s demeanor and trauma comes from, and it just wouldn’t be good to soften it for audiences taste. I mean look at the shamble that the movie “Choke” was, that was also a Chuck Palahniuk novel, turned into a film. It was horrible, they left out so much stuff by way of toning down the film so much, I almost couldn’t watch it. And actually I don’t think I even finished it, and that is saying a lot for me.

    If there is one thing going for the US remake, it’s that they have an unknown playing Lisbeth, but still, why not just leave it at the Swedish versions?? For me, the only reason I can see for them to make the US release is money. And yes, I’m highly aware that is the motivation for a majority of films that are made, but not all of them. And with their already being 3 perfectly done Swedish versions, there really is no reason besides greed, for making a US release. It’s not going to expose this to more people, that can already be done by reading the book and renting and or buying the Swedish movies. I’m scared to even watch the trailer for the US release! I’m just almost completely set against wanting to watch or support it, and I never thought I would have said that about a David Fincher film. Even when I found out he was directing “Fight Club”, I was still in support of him, but I just can’t get over the fact, that there are already 3 immensely good Swedish versions.

    The worst part is I’ll never know if they US release is any good, because critics are just bitter a-holes that didn’t make it working on feature films. Maybe I can get a review on this site after it’s released.

    Posted by Joshua D. in Cincinnati, OH ,

  7. Looking at the recent poster release for the Fincher version does not me feel any better about the US remake. It is a classic badgirl/male fantasy look and is presenting the character of Lisbeth in totally the wrong way. (I am a guy by the way) anyone else feel the same?

    Posted by Paul1984 in London ,

  8. I, too, fear and American for-money remake that stresses action and violence (maybe even a bit of feel-good pro-female sentiment) but devoid of the REAL central concern of Larsson: the existence of Evil, selfish racist and sexist forces that should be recognized, dealt with, and stopped! How many Hollywood films take seriously what has been going on like this here for decades now?

    Posted by inspired1 in Miami, FL ,

  9. Paul1984

    I agree. I’ve seen the poster and it did convey the kind of message you have observed. Unlike the cover of the DVD’s where in the message you will immediately get is the awesome understanding and partnership between Blomkvist and Salander.

    Posted by shanghaibaby in dubai ,

  10. No it will not be a better film. Hollywood just has more money for more hype. Fucking greedy dad and brother just want to make miilions more off Stieg.

  11. the american versions will do justice to the books where the swedish films fell super farm from the word short. the swedish films got progressively worse. Felt like watching b rated farse made for television. I felt fustrated with how much was left out of the swedish films. How the acting was beyond bland.

    Posted by M. Prieto in Hialeah, FL ,

  12. The poster made her look like a goth Bond girl. Obviously the breast implants showed up a little early for the story line. And I can only imagine the Mikael would have a severe elbow to the midsection if he had tried that pose with Lisbeth. Daniel Craig, all wrong. The abomination of Lisbeth’s character is worse. The reason why they needed to remake the movie? Hollywood didn’t make any money of the Swedish trilogy.

    Posted by Luanne in Kansas City, MO USA ,

  13. if you want a preview of the differences between the Swedish version of ?Dragon tattoo? and the American version of ?Dragon tattoo? just look at the differences between the Swedish version of ?let me in? in the American version of ?let me in?.

    It is actually a procedure that writers and directors use when translating non-American films into films for American audiences. In another way it’s really a description of what American audiences are as human beings compared to the rest of the world.

    1st of all, both ?Dragon tattoo? and ?let me in? or actually applying social criticism from the left to modern society via the vehicle of a genre entertainment, the detective noir and the vampire horror film respectively. This means that the social context is very important. It was very very full in both books and reduced but present in the Swedish movies. There was practically no social context via the next-door neighbors in the apartment complex in the American film. We can expect to have the American film trim out the details of social context. Although in this case I think I may be proven wrong because I did see some hints of the modern Nazi movement that was a concern for the writer and all 3 books. Next you can anticipate in increase in overt physical violence as to American taste, and also a decrease in sexual nuance. The American version of ?let me in? did not have her physical ?reveal? nor did it make it quite as obvious that she was seducing young boys into being lifelong sexually dominated slaves. So in the American version of ?Dragon tattoo? you can anticipate the subtlety of her lesbian relationship as a friendship as well as her openness in these matters being translated into a fetish heavy hard edged representation.

    In short, Americans are seen as being socially shallow, sexually intimidated by females, and therefore an odd combination of puritanical and overboard rather blunt exploitation. There will be more violence. But I do anticipate it to be a well done film. Think of a Goth man eating lesbian Moll.

    Posted by Leo Rivers in Cottage Grove Oregon ,

  14. I have some hope for the American version, It was filmed in Sweden and Oregon and the casting is alright except for Rooney Mara as Salander. Fincher will direct a good movie and the screenwriter has a Oscar for Schindler’s List and it is said that the script will accurately reflect the book.

    But yes the American movie will be more violent and less Hitchcockian and Salander will be more sexually provocative…..the worse thing however is I heard the movie is running just over 90 minutes which doesn’t seem long enough to tell the tale.

    Posted by Hilodave in Hawaii ,

  15. I don’t understand where all this praise is coming from! The Swedish versions sucked. Period. They seemed like mediocre made-for-Swedish T.V. films! And they strayed too far from the books, which resulted in slight confusion and inadequate and unnecessary plot fillers.

    The casting, for the most part, was bad, and the feel of the films was worse. Nothing about the films captured the thrilling aspect of the novels. Michael Nyqvist was nothing like Blomkvist, and his acting was less than stellar.

    Noomi Rapace was ok, but not 100% like Lisbeth. Definately not Oscar worthy, though. She made Lisbeth seem like a hot-tempered bitch instead of a complicated human being, and she looked more like an out-of-work 30 year old more than anything.

    I am confident that David Fincher will keep the integrity of the books. He himself said that the film was going to be an exact copy of the novel; thrill, gore, and everything. I love the cinematography that I saw in the teaser and the quick cuts along with Trent Reznor’s cover of the “Immigrant Song” only made it better. It was better than the Swedish trailer (which just felt like some spoof). Fincher’s trailer is the reason why I started reading the series in the first place!

    And I personally think that Rooney Mara makes a better Lisbeth Salander. She has the perfect look! I cannot wait to see the Fincher’s version in December! Now THAT looks Oscar worthy! P.S. Anyone who says it’s a remake is terribly wrong, it’s simply an American adaption.

    Posted by WaspNest in New Lands ,

  16. I think everyone should wait to pass judgment on the American versions until after they’ve actually seen them. I’m an American who lives in Europe and am looking forward to seeing the American films. I recently read all three books and watched the Swedish films, which I found to be excellent, though unless one had read the books first, one may have been confused at various times when watching the films. I do think that Noomi Rapace WAS Lisbeth Salander come to life and that any other actress’ portraying Lisbeth will have a tough act to follow.

    Posted by Lynn in Limerick City, Ireland ,

  17. The way we normally screw up great books in the movie version here (exception, The Road, Cormac McCarthy), I will have to think at least twice before going and possibly messing up my book rememberance. I loved these so much, and while films were lessor versions (time dictates, I’m assuming) of the books, all were great as “after the books” fare.

    Posted by Tim in Tucson, USA ,

  18. WaspNest you could not have said it better.

    i can’t wait until all these naysayers eat their words when this movie comes out.

    i love the girl with the dragon tattoo book. the swedish version is good but it left out ALOT and I personally thought it did the book no justice at all. It changed a whole bunch of things (i.e.Anita Vanger died of cancer, breaking into Harald’s house, barely touching on the Blomkvist/Berger relationship). The swedish version also altered the end as well so I don’t know what’s the big deal with Fincher altering the end a bit.

    And as far as movies never being the same as movies, I agree. But if he does a good a job as Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings, then we are in for a damn good movie.

    also, the simple fact that they have Anita Vanger, Ericka Berger and Isabella Vanger as more prominent roles in the American version tells me that Fincher will be more true to the book than the Swedish movie ever was.

    Posted by jose in florida ,

  19. these books cannot be brought to the screen in a movie, only in a long series made for TV, the Swedish movies are awful..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

  20. Stieg was planning to shop the movie rights to hollywood first, so if he had lived, a swedish adaptation may never have been made.

    Posted by hiroprotagonist in poughkeepsie, ny ,

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