What do you think about the trailers?

Posted by Editor in Sweden , 17 November 2008

By Editor

7 thoughts on “The trailers”
  1. I just read the first novel (“The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”) and am so disappointed that I won’t get to read the 2nd one until July, when the English translation will be released.

    One of the best books I’ve read in a very long time..

    Will the movie be released in the USA (subtitles)? I hope so.

    Posted by Normsky in Boston, USA ,

  2. Normsky; you can get the UK-english translation of the second book since last week through Amazon.co.uk

    Posted by Zoukplouf in Montreal, Quebec ,

  3. if the movie will be brilliant and schocking as the trailer it will be awesome!! i’m counting down the days for the coming soon in italy

    Posted by giulia – italy ,

  4. Stieg Larsson is the JK Rowling of the adults. A true sensation.When you read one, you never want to stop. I am very sorry I have to wait until 2010 to read what happened to Lisbeth.

    Posted by Sophie Blavet in Morristown, NJ USA ,

  5. I just seen the film men who hates women(direct transl.from swedish) an its super!!Lasted for almost three houres, and the whole auditorium sat deadly quiet. I think people will be really satified with the Lisbeth salander casting.

    Posted by nas in Oslo,Norway ,

  6. Men who hate* women. I think Noomi Rapace is brilliant as Lisbeth Salander. She is able so make her so soft and yet so hard. She really talented. I just saw The girl who played with fire and once again, she was as amazing as in the first.

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