The Movie – release dates?

Just watched the trailers and actually got goosebumps…when is this fantastic movie coming to Germany or England? I can’t wait!!!

Posted by Maike in London , 8 January 2009

By Editor

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  1. Hi “Editor”, thanks for your reply. Do you know when the movie might be released in Germany or the UK?

    Posted by Maike in London ,

  2. There is no release day set for Germany or UK.

    Known dates:

    Denmark 27 February 2009

    Sweden 27 February 2009

    Norway 13 March 2009

    Finland 27 March 2009

    France 13 May 2009

    Posted by Editor ,

  3. Hello…Are there any Englilsh subtitle of the movies…If there’s one, I would love to buy a copy..

    Posted by GMoskal in Florida, US ,

  4. they won’t release the movie in germany??? that’s bad! :(


    when is the dvd release?

    Posted by BlackCrow in Frankfurt a.M./Germany ,

  5. Apparently, only the first of the 3 movies will be released in the cinema and 2 & 3 will be shown on Swedish telly and released on DVD (presumably this is so they can add extra material?). Hopefully they will subtitle the DVDs!

    Posted by gingerwitch in London/UK ,

  6. Do you know if the movies will be released in Mexico?

    Posted by Alma in Cancun, Mexico ,

  7. Ameila: They’re going to make films out of the second and the third part as well :) In Sweden, the second will have its premiére on 18 September -09, and the third on 27 November -09. Don’t know when they’re coming to the UK, though.

    Posted by Britta in Linköping, Sweden ,

  8. Will the movie be released in North America? I am in Canada and can’t wait to see it.

    Posted by Annamarie in Erin, Ontario, Canada ,

  9. Will the movie be released in Portugal? I can’t wait to see it.

    Posted by nero in portugal ,

  10. I watched the film yesterday and it was really amazing. The DVD is released in Sweden on 26 august

    Posted by Hasse in Avesta, Sweden ,

  11. Don’t forget Australia! We might be down under but we are so keen to see the movies as well as getting the 3rd book in English . Just read the first two books back to back and I am so disappointed that we have to wait so long for the English translation of “the Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest”.

    Any news on release dates for movies and book?

    Posted by Anne Horrigan-Dixon in Melbourne Australia ,

  12. Do to the success of the first movie, TGWTDT (Män som hatar kvinnor) Swedish television SVT, who have the rights for the two following films, have given the go-ahead to also cut these not for TV but into cinema films.

    I have seen the first film and read all three books twice. The film does not make you disappointed, its 160 minutes of the same suspense and feeling that the book gives you!

    Posted by Lars-G Johansson in Stockholm Sweden ,

  13. Why are films 2 & 3 going straight to TV?

    Duplicate above – when will these come to the UK or are the people holding the rights waiting for hollywood to jump in with a huge amount of cash to turn it into a blockbuster. I sincerely hope not.

    Please lets see this in English!!! Me, many of my friends and my family have read the first two books and we’re all enthralled. Failing that, I would probably learn Swedish for this :)

    It’s a great shame there will only be 3 books…

    Posted by Amelia in Aberdeen, Scotland ,

  14. hi there from switzerland!

    I’ve read all 3 books in german and it was like an addiction. the english versions I gave to a friend who can’t wait for the release of the third one in english. hopefully we have the chance to see the movies/DVD as well.

  15. Does anyone know if I can purchase a copy online of the movie? If so what is the email address? Thanks :)

    Posted by KT in Tampa,Fl ,

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