What do you think of the casting? Is Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Norén perfect for the main characters, Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander?

Posted by Editor in Sweden , 17 November 2008

By Editor

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  1. I am very happy they made a sweedish movie with sweedish actors. I was afraid that Listbeth could have been played by Angelina Jolie, lide Lara Croft. And she is more than that. I hope Noomi will do her best. I loved the 2 books, and the second is better than the first.

    Posted by Vera in Sao Paulo – Brazil ,

  2. I agree with the last comments-Lisbeth is supposed to look like a mid-teenager even tho we know she is older. The actress playing her looks the wrong side of 30 – sorry dear!

    Posted by Mike Tunnicliffe in Stoke,UK ,

  3. I have just seen the film, and believe me , the casting is absolutely perfect, could not be better. It is actually a brilliant film.

    Posted by luzzz in paris ,

  4. I totally agree that it should have been Lo Kauppi playing Salander!!! I don’t know if she ever went to a casting for the film, or if anyone ever concidered her, but I think that was a huuuge mistake! Lo Kauppi is so much more intense in every way. I once starred as an extra in a movie she was in, so I’ve seen her unbeliavable power take after take after take. I know for a fact she would not have had any problems whatsoever with the various sex scenes either. She is just as natural and open-minded as one can be. Like Lisbeth. No doubt she would have made a better Salander. Nevertheless I think Rapace is doing a perfectly fine job trying.

    I am now hoping for an English version of the movie (since the Swedish one hasn’t got subtitles (!)) and that the new production will seriously concider offering the part to the astonishing Lo Kauppi. Those of you who don’t know Kauppi; look her up and you will be amazed.

    Posted by EB in Random town in Sweden/London ,

  5. I don’t know guys..I think I agree with Adridere and Linda in Hannover/Germany..I believe that Noomi Rapace realy ROCKS as Lisbeth Salander..She is just perfect.

    Posted by sofi in /greece ,

  6. Funny coming back to this after the movies came out. “The films will flop.” HA! Funny funny.

    Posted by Joao in Rio in Brasil ,

  7. That Noomi looks nothing like Salander. She is more Erika Berger.. Not a good Cast. Salander is much smaller in every way.

    Posted by Joy ,

  8. it will flop. sorry. michael looks nothing like mikael, and i agree with the other commentator that noomi looks more like erika than lisbeth.

    i really don´t understand why this film needs to be made. except for money, of course.

    not very stieg larssonian, if you ask me.


    Posted by norway ,

  9. I really agree with the other ones. Michael is not a bit Mikel at all & Lisbeth Salander is not so tall.

    Posted by HannoveranianGirl ,

  10. soory for the actress, but she get nothing compare with Lisbeth… I imagine her skinniest, more dirty and particular than her. Lisbeth is weird, beautiful but not this way

    Posted by tania ,

  11. I think Michael is a good cast for Mikael, but he looks like a badguy in this photo, and thats not how I picture Mikael at all. Naomi is to tall to be Lisbeth, and her face is not quirky enough. But however, makeupartist will probably change her looks dramatically. cant wait for this film!

    Posted by nosignature ,

  12. it’s a good, a really good thing: it won’t be an american blockbuster ! maybe these movies will be great and will translate all the energy and athmosphere which make Millenium so peculiar… Noomi Rapace looks like Lisbeth and she would make Lisbeth alive if she plays well even if I imagine Lisbeth skinnier ^^

    Posted by Marie ,

  13. Noomi and Michael is bad casting indeed. I think Lena Endre is perfect for Erica Berger though. But really disappointed over Blomqvists actor…

  14. I googlized Noomi Rapace and Michael Nykvist to find more about them, especially photographs. Of course they are not exactly like we imagined them for a very simple reason: as we read the volumes, we create them in our own minds. Are they good actors? These roles will be the roles of their career and I am happy for them. And someone else noted here, we have to applause the fact that the film rights for these books, sure to sell by millions across the world, were not sold to american producers. I hope that other successfull books written and published in large and small countries around the world will be adapted for screen by local producers and played by local actors. Wouldn’t it be great?

    Posted by QuebecReader ,

  15. I think that casting Michael Nyqvist could potentially be a good thing. He doesn´t really look like Mikael Blomkvist, but he has the same…”aura”, the same vibe or something. This Noomi girl- I don´t know anything about her, but she looks the part, as long as they make her less attractive (but in a movie-version we might have to live with the fact that she has to be beautiful)

    Posted by Maria, 27 ,

  16. I think they would be perfect both micael and Noomi, if they only had been 10 year younger….

    Posted by Innocentia ,

  17. Mikael Nyqvist is one of Swedens most famous actors and I think he’s going to do a great job. But Noomi doesn’t look a bit like Lisbeth! I haven’t heard much about her earlier, though I’m from Sweden. I’ve red all 3 books and they are GREAT!

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