As much as I loved the third book, I thought everything came a bit too easy for the “heroes”…Armansky, Edklinth and Figuerola are very quick to believe Blomqvist’s story… Zalachenko dies early in the story, then Prime Minister is instantly on their sides…Giannini dominates the trial from the beginning…

In short it’s a great book as far as the thread is still admirably put together but don’t you think it lacks in suspense compared to the other two books?

Posted by Flavour Flav in Birmingham , 8 June 2011

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  1. Everything did come together very neatly, but I think that’s the way most of us probably wanted it. I think the main “suspense” was whether Lisbeth and Mikael would end up being friends again, or continue to go their separate ways. I for one am glad it ended the way it did. :)

    Posted by MJ in KS ,

  2. i think and aubviously i cant speak for him but that is the way Stieg would have wanted it, the ones in the right do in the end win beacause what there doing is the right thing and so they are rewarded for it. this is the way the justice system is suposed to work and i think the final book reflects that.

    Posted by benwashear in a place ,

  3. I disagree. It didn’t end easy. Sure they got lucky but there are still a lot of unanswered questions:

    – what happened to the members of the section

    – what happened to Annika

    – what about Lisbeth’s finances

    – Lisbeth was supposed to go to Canada. Why?

    – Why does she have her dragon tattoo? (Doctor asked her)

    – Lisbeth and Mikael friendship

    – CAMILLA SALANDER!!! Huge loose end. She was supposed to star in the fourth novel.

    Stieg intended for 10 books. We got three. I was only partially satistfied with the ending for all 7 reasons I listed above.

    Posted by Kalle_blomkvist47 in Stockholm ,

  4. In answer to the above:

    i) we can assume members of the section were convicted for their crimes;

    ii) Annika continues as a women’s rights lawyer, but branches out into criminal work!

    iii) Lisbeth’s finances continue to be administered from Gibralter;

    iv) Holiday?!

    v) Dragon Tattoo is one of the big unanswered questions imo; see also below.

    vi) Lisbeth and Mikael’s friendship is restored; and they trust each other with their mutual secrets;

    vii) Camilla is the other big unanswered question, though it appeared to me that she was only there as an example of ‘norm’ to reinforce Lisbeth’s differences. In other words, it was because a twin was denying her mother’s abuse that the regular police could dismiss Lisbeth’s claims; because a twin was good in school, Lisbeth’s antisocial behaviour could be criticised etc etc. I don’t see any other function fro Camilla in the plot at all.

    Posted by Iestyn in Cardiff ,

  5. No it wasn’t easy, throughout the invesigation, they faced their ups and downs along with various obstacles. Just because they were able to wipe the floor with the bad guys at the end doesn’t mean that they had it easy. They worked hard to get the truth. You must understand that “the Zalachenko club” have created a big lie and like every great lie ever created, in human history no matter how much planning and work was put into the lie, when the truth eventually catches up with it, it crumbles faster than dominoes. Which is what happened in the court room and the final part of the book. So no, I don’t believe that they had it easy.

    Posted by Mr stieg in charlton ,

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