We have multiple copies of the book at my library, and someone has discovered one that has 30 more pages than the others. The font and print size looked the same…is there an unabridged version?

Posted by James Fabiano in Edison, NJ , 8 April 2011

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2 thoughts on “Different copies?”
  1. The UK version is about 10% longer than the US one. The Swedish is even longer. Whenever Stieg Larsson mentions something, he tends to repeat it, then he tells you the same thing again and he mentions everything at least twice. The US publisher has tried to make his books more readable by letting a professional writer take out most of the garbage. It has turned out for the better. Example: in the Swedish version in the first paragraph of the first book you will be informed that (1) the protagonist reaches for the phone (2) dials a number (3) makes this same call every year at eleven o clock (4) this year calls at half past 10 (5) the receiver of the call is allready waiting (6) picks up the phone (7) says hello (8) doesn’t mention his name. We then get the phone dialog. The US version omits numbers 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8, which makes for a shorter book. If you stumble upon different versions, choose the shortest.

    Posted by grashond in liege ,

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