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Hello All, What happen with the spanish translated titles they don’t represent what the book is all about. The covers are unbelievable old design. I guess that’s we like in spanish books. A good amount of people when I shared my enthusiasm about the books they said how can somebody read a book with those titles? The translation was so stupid that it really does not call your attention to read the books. Hopefully they change them to something that makes sense both the titles and the covers. You should see them. AMazingly ugly.

Posted by DJ in Madrid , 26 June 2011

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5 thoughts on “Spanish Translation”
  1. The covers are so depressing. Incredible ugly job. If its not for the friends in the UK who really pushed me to read it I would have not taken any of those depressing designed covers with very stupid titles.

    Posted by Juan in Sevilla ,

  2. On that I have to agree. The I find the artwork in the Spanish versions horrible and depressing.

    On the titles, apart from book 2, I believe that the titles in Spanish are closer to the original Swedish titles than the American titles are.

  3. I’m sorry, but the Spanish titles are a direct translation of the ones chosen for the French edition:

    * Les hommes qui n’aimaient pas les femmes

    * La fille qui rêvait d’un bidon d’essence et d’une allumette

    * La Reine dans le palais des courants d’air

    Does someone know why?

    Posted by Javier in Madrid ,

  4. Well, I have to be agree with Javier the Spanish thanslations are way more close to the original titles than the english ones.

    Posted by Laly Mendoza in NYC ,

  5. The thing is that the Spanish titles are by far more loyal to the original ones, but they changed some words to make them less agressive, instead of sayin “The man who hate woman” they translated “The man who didnt love woman”, for example and those changes were also made in the French translation.

    Posted by Lr in México ,

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