Sweddish pronunciation

      Is there web site to help English speakers with pronouncing the Swedish terms in the novels? ... Read more

      English translation

      What do you think of the English translation of the books in the Millennium-series?

      Posted by Editor in Stockholm, Sweden , 17 November 2008

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      Deutsche Uebersetzung

      Ich habe gerade gelesen, dass die englische Uebersetzung wohl sehr schlecht sein?! Ich lese gerade das 2. Buch der Triologie und bin eigentlich ganz zufrieden mit der deutschen Uebersetzung. Da ich in London lebe wollte ich das 3. Buch auf englisch lesen, aber wenn die Uebersetzung so schlecht se ... Read more

      Auf Deutsch

      Geerhte Leute

      BItte sagen sie mir ob die bucher von dem Millennium serien auh auf Deutsch ubersetst sind?

      Viele dank fur Ihre antwort

      Posted by Walter Silkeit in The Hague , 6 December 2008

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      Spanish translation is very bad too.

      I have read the two first books in spanish and its translation was vwry bad too. Now, I I want to read the third one in english (is not in spanish) but after reading your mails about english translation, I think I’m going to wait!

      Thanks for the information.

      Posted by E. Pina in Athens , 19 August 2009

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      The Third Book in Swedish or Norwegian?

      Does anyone know how I can can get a copy of the third book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, in either Swedish or Norwegian in the United States? I can read it in either and I don’t know if I can wait until the English translation appears. These books are the literary equivalent of cra ... Read more

      Are there Russian translations?

      My wife would really like to know if there are Russian translations of these excellent novels for her to get her mother who only speaks Russian.

      Posted by Mirage in Reno, NV, USA , 22 November 2009

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      Dutch translation

      The Dutch translation is not so good.

      I hope the English is better.

      Posted by ana dewinter in gent , 27 September 2009

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      Translation into Spanish

      My house is full of good literature, novels and biography mainly; I am a compulsive reader. I usually reject bestsellers, so I don’t remember how I got hold of Larsson’s first book, but once I read it I could not let go. I was so desperate to continue reading that I promised not to read the other two (I have a life, you know!) On the other hand, I read it in Spanish and the translation couldn’t be worse. I was living with my decision when I read an article on the Millennium Trilogy by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa on Spanish newspaper El País, which forced me to revert my decisi ... Read more

      Original Swedish versions?

      A friend of my dad’s told me that he speaks fluent Swedish. When I asked him if he liked the Millennium series, he said that he hadn’t read the books yet; that he wanted to read them in Swedish. (I don’t remember what he said about the movies.)

      So, I was wondering, where might one ... Read more

      Spanish Translation

      Hello All, What happen with the spanish translated titles they don’t represent what the book is all about. The covers are unbelievable old design. I guess that’s we like in spanish books. A good amount of people when I shared my enthusiasm about the books they said how can somebody read a boo ... Read more