Real and fresh look at violence against women

Bought the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo in Iceland. If I can’t get the …Played with Fire immediately, will have to fly to Europe on the next plane. What a very real and fresh look at violence against women and pathological greed. May Stieg Larsson resurrect.

Posted by Melita Wade Thorpe in San Jose, CA , 4 April 2009

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4 thoughts on “Real and fresh look at violence against women”
  1. What is so refreshing about a man describing sexual violence against a woman in detail which many other men–if not all, on some levels–would find erotic?

    Just because Salander eventually gets revenge doesn’t make it any more progressive. To my mind, that just shows the author was looking for a way to get away with pornographying the violent act by later allowing his victim to triumph (and again in a rather sexual way, thus providing more turn-ons for some readers.) The moral is that sexual violence really is consequence-free, so long as the woman is always strong and clever enough to bounce back psychologically within a few days in order to concoct a devious and high-tech plan for vengeance.


    Posted by Chris in Copenhagen ,

  2. I respectfully disagree totally with the other Chris (who is not identical to the undersigned :-). I think it’s quite the reverse: Larsson wanted to show that violence against women is abhorrent and did exactly that by minimising the graphic descriptions of all these crimes. Of all the instances of violence and murder Larsson refers to in the 3 books, I can remember only Lisbeth’s rape and subsequent revenge as being made into an actual scene with any kind of explicit detail (and not just referred to, e.g. as part of an investigation).

    But I have a feeling that we’re not going to agree very much on this …

    Posted by chris from in Copenhagen ,

  3. You can buy ‘The girl who played with fire’ at Amazon. I bought mine. The third one in English just next year.

    Posted by castilho in são paulo ,

  4. I must side with Chris (2nd post) on this. Throughout history many problems of society have only begun to be dealt with once they were merely exposed for discussion – you can’t treat the disease unless you know it is there.

    Posted by Maria in Atlanta, GA ,

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