Can anyone shed some light on why Larsson chose a real location in Australia but then used fictional names after that? Longreach is as described in the book but Wannado and Makawaka don’t exist.

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  1. I thought exactly the same thing! I wonder if Stieg knew of, or had heard of Longreach (had visited there perhaps?} therefore used the location because it sounded so far away (almost exotic) and very remote from Sweden. He probably doubted anyone in Sweden would have heard of Longreach. I also believe he most likely would not have had a clue how much of a sensation his books would become and that they would eventually read by us Aussies. I must admit, I got a bit of a thrill to read “Australia” and “Longreach” when I read that first book. For those of you overseas – Longreach is a wonderful outback town – incredible outback country, wonderful, friendly people, and lots of Queensland/Australian history. Make sure you visit Longreach when you come to Australia! You will be very happy that you did.

    Posted by Cheryl in Brisbane, Australia ,

  2. My copy actually placed Cochrane station in the Northern Territory (NT), near Tennant Creek (based on phone number). This prompted in me another query- sheep in the NT? A web search found that not only are there no shhep in the NT, they are quarantined from the NT due to disease. has this been altered in later editions to correct this?

    Posted by Peter B in Melbourne, Australia ,

  3. For Australians, it was exciting to read/see(in the film) an Aussie location. Unfortunately, it was all a bit wrong.In the film, the mountain range is geologically wrong (too high). It just does not look Australian It looks like Spain, which it is. The closest it could be is the Kimberelys, which are in the Northern Territory and Longreach is in fairly flat area of Queensland. The close-in shot could be a gorge in the MacDonnells (near Alice Springs), but there is no way you would have sheep there, (perhaps cattle at a stretch).So this short scene spans thousands of kilometres.(The location shots in ‘Australia’ were also poorly done, and that was by Australians.”Japanese Story’ and ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ were more correct.) My interest in the geography of place exists in the fact that right in the beginning of the novel, Arholma is mentioned (not in the film). My aunt lived in Uppsala and I was given the opportunity to inherit a holiday cottage on the island. I declined as the distance was too far for practical use (and I presume Swedish taxes)so my aunt’s son/my cousin, (deceased, mysteriously) best friend(Per Erik Hallin) took it over. I have visited Sweden a couple of times, particularly Stockholm and Uppsala. I have Estonian parents and have also been to Estonia and Tallinn.So…. here in Australia I felt I had quite a few connections with locations in the novels. A rip-roaring, unputdownable read,(although I did find the sexual violence rather gruelling).

    Posted by HLP in Sydney Australia ,

  4. HLP, sure you’re not one of the characters in the book? That’s one heck of a connection – you must have felt an amazing connection in the book! Agree with you on the rape scenes – they had me squirming with discomfort.

    Posted by Ginni Gee in Sydney Australia ,

  5. Judging by the credits list, if you can sit through it all, you can notice that there is a shooting location in Spain. The scene with Harriet and the sheep is more akin to Spain than any where in Australia

    Posted by Ian Frost in Adelaide ,

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