The death of anyone in thier prime is always sad, and in Stieg’s case all the sadder as he cannot have known how his books would be received and loved.

I have finished all three books, and now feel empty as I had been left wanting so much more.

My partner is currently reading the books and I therefore have no one to talk to as she is hidden in the books, hooked as badly as I was.

Each of the books are very different, but follow the same theme. Salander is a fantastic character, who leaves you with mixed emotions. She is vindictive and cruel, but also endearing and interesting.

The other characters pale in comparison to her, but are interesting nevertheless.

We miss you Steig Larsson, you have left an impression which will last a long time..

Angus Boa i Luton, England
Submitted: 30 April 2010

By Editor

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