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21 thoughts on “Lisbeth’s sister??”
  1. This is why I’m so sad that Stieg Larsson didn’t finish his series. There are so many unanswered questions. What happened to Lisbeth’s sister and could that be another story? Another story might be around the box Lisbeth gets from the nursing home after her mother dies. It contains her personal effects. Lisbeth never opens it and puts the box in a closet. That could contain material for another book. Also, what will be the relationship between her and Mikail? When the third book ends it says she opens the door and lets him into her life. What will happen? I guess we’ll never know.

    Posted by KL in Utah, USA ,

  2. There was an unfinished 4th book and the synopses for the 5th and 6th, one assumes that more would have been covered in there!

    Posted by Morgan in Wellington ,

  3. I hope that a 4th book is published, I too would like to know what happened to Lisbeths sister, on finishing the 3rd book, I felt that he had a lot more to say…….

    Posted by Deb Teazis in Melbourne Australia ,

  4. Lix?s sister is in Jabal al Tariq shadowing the portfolio investor. The unexplained occurrences since Lix?s exit from the manicomium have consistently pointed towards her sister. Enjoy blogging.

    Posted by A_Skri in Firenze ,

  5. I think Henning Mankell would be a great Ghost writer for the 4th book and others.

    Posted by Lisa H in Edmonton Canada ,

  6. There were supposed to be 10 books all together. So many questions would have been answered. I thought Lisbeth’s would come up in the Girl Who Played With Fire and be one of the people exposed in the book or one of the prostitutes.

    I have so many question!!!!

    Posted by Bela in Boston ,

  7. Notice how Larsson never names the female reporter from She TV. It is always “the woman from She TV”. Would her identity have been revealed in later books? Salander’s sister, perhaps??

    Posted by Vander in Denver ,

  8. So glad I’m not alone in wondering where Lisbeth’s sister ended up and also what was in the damn box she never opened. I loved these books & hope there is more to learn about Lisbeth…without a doubt the best female heroine, in some time!

    Posted by Carolynl in Northen Calif ,

  9. The woman from She TV cannot be Salander because in the books it was mentioned that Camilla is practically a twin of Salander. Mikael would have noticed as would have the millions of other Swedish people watching the court case of Salander…

    Posted by ben in sydney, australia. ,

  10. No, they are not identical twins, that’s clearly stated more than once. Camilla is described as “beautiful”, whereas Lisbeth is the runt.

    Posted by gajayu in Somewhere in the US ,

  11. Even if they were identical, Lisbeth has cut short and dyed hair, her sister may have kept her natural colour (blonde or red), and Lisbeths sister probably has a very different style of clothing. Even if their facial features would be alike, they would still appear very different. No one recognizes Lisbeth if she wears the blonde wig.

    Posted by Alaska ,

  12. I kind of thought the sister was the other body found at the warehouse.

    Posted by Cheryl in USA ,

  13. At the end of the 3rd book I thought Camilla (alive) would be at the brickworks building for some reason…

    Posted by Cathryn in New York ,

  14. Having just finished all three books within the past two weeks, I recall no mention if the twins were identical or fraternal. Being an identical twin, it bothered me that there was no connection made between the two sisters. Also, dress and personality aside, with so much press coverage on Lisbeth, it would be hard for Camilla to keep a low profile if they were identical. I’ve seen people freak out having seen my sister working in a store about 15 miles away and then seeing me in another store that same night. On the other hand, I have a brother and sister who are fraternal twins and are not close at all. I, too, feel that there is more to explore with their relationship.

    Posted by Brigid in U.S. ,

  15. Be calm about Camilla, Lisbeths sister. She is very alive and quite successful even in America. She is the bright side of the twins. A grown up Pippi Longstocking. A very talented girl with a will that never be defeated. Her name is Robyn and she is a popsinger. Her music is very modern and do not appeal to everyone but to some very much (see internet Robyn, Webster Hall, NY. Dancing on my own etc.) This is true, I assure you.

    Posted by CIL in Stockholm, Sweden ,

  16. I totally agree with Minnie and Cheryl. I thought that the unidentified woman at the warehouse was Camilla.

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

  17. At the end of the third book I felt quite certain that the fourth book was going to focus on Camilla’s story. I’m so sad that we’ll never know for sure! I personally don’t think we’ve met Camilla yet, though I enjoyed reading the theories mentioned above. She can’t be the security guard from Milton who stays with Erika because she knew Salander. I doubt she’s the reporter from She TV but I do like that theory. I don’t think she was dead in the warehouse, because it makes more sense that she’s still alive and her story is about to unfold. I think she lives abroad with a new identity, and that the fourth book would start to unravel her story. But want to add, I am quite confident they were not identical twins because of several mentions in the book that they didn’t look at all alike…

    Posted by Kaisa in Northampton ,

  18. En mi parecer, creo que el cuarto libro podría versar sobre la hermana de Lisbeth y la secta Católica donde acudía la Hija de Mickel (Libro 1) y uno de los agentes de la Sapo (Libro 3).

    Posted by Miguel Cáceres in Barquisimeto, Venezuela ,

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