2nd book mistake?….easy way to catch Salander

remember how blomkvist find salander apartment?

..the letter in salanders mailbox..

whoever write that letter can tell the police.

cause Salander is very popular after…right?

but why not? hm….

Posted by bunep in bdg , 12 February 2010

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  1. The writer of the letter was Jeremy MacMillan, Salander’s solicitor in Gibralter. In the circumstances of his relationshipas lawyer and de facto busines partner, he would have been stupid to kill the goose that was laying the golden eggs for him.

    Posted by Jack McDade in Christchurch NZ ,

  2. I believe Liam is right – it was bought using the norwegian alias.

    Posted by Erik in Ishoej, DK ,

  3. it was bought under wasp industries and had a name of a movie/book character that was from the same media as blomkvist.

    Posted by meggs in windsor ,

  4. Book 3, second to last chapter, explains more why Jeremy MacMillan kept Sanlander a secret.

    Posted by sarah in NYC ,

  5. Whatch out for SPOILERS!! I found two other mistakes. Let’s say the first one is a mistake and the second is just a particular that could have helped to drop the charges on Sally.

    1. when she gets the car from milton security she choses a “Toyota Corolla with automatic drive that she already used before” but when she is driving and finish checking on the phone her new apartment after Mikael got the WASP password right the paragraph ends with “She changed the gear and continued travelling to Goteborg” PS:I have the italian version so the citation is actually a self made translation.

    Posted by Thai in Shanghai/Perugia ,

  6. 2.The police calls the Skl (which I presume is the Swedish scientific police) the analyse the “blood patterns” etc. As I saw many times from C.S.I (a program that tha blonde giant also watches because he decide to torn back and burn the warehouse BDW) the scientific police can relatively easily understand the height of the shooter from the trajectory of the bullet. the height difference between lisbeth and the giant is around 70 cm. how could they miss a particular like that? I also thought that the shooter could have kept the gun near his waist or if it was really Sally that she could have pulled the trigger keeping the gun like a “gang-rapper” over her head but it seems unlikely that from both of those unnatural position one could have shot such precise hits.

    The Skl had the key to clear Sally’s name or, in the oppisite case, another proof of hear guilt.

    Posted by Thai in Shanghai/Perugia ,

  7. Wasp bought the apartment; the name of the officer who signed for Wasp is left out, but she likely used an alias. Why would she connect herself to an anonymous corp set up to allow her to spend the fruits of her theft?

    Posted by AtticusinPa in Pennsylvania, US ,

  8. Argument against point two. The gun was linked to Advocate Bjurman by the registration, in turn it had Lisbeth’s fingerprints on it from when she menaced him earlier in the story. This is sufficent evidence for the police to make a warrant for an arrest. The Sweedish Crime Scene Investivigator in the second book who was going through Dag and Mia’s apartment wasn’t considering the height and angles because the two were executed in odd fashions. While CSI, Dexter, NCIS, SVU, and Boondock Saints make arguments for gun height and blood spatter, etc. the job of a CSI investigator isn’t as glamorous as tv likes to let on. This is sufficent evidence and not only that Niederman wasn’t in the crime computers in Sweeden, Germany, or INTERPOL. There is no reason for police to suspect someone they have no idea of. For them it’s an open and shut case if it hadn’t it would have gone to cold case files.

    Posted by Officer Bubble in Hedeby ,

  9. Also if I’m not mistaken she didn’t buy the apartment in her own name

    Posted by Liam in Dublin ,

  10. the first aprtment she had was in her name but when she bought the second partment she kept her name on the old one hence the attack on her girlfriend

    Posted by a g johnston in glasgow ,

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