did anyone else suspect for a couple of pages that zalachenko was holger palmgren because of bjork’s description of him as an old and fairly immobile man ?

Posted by vin in melbourne , 8 October 2010

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  1. yes! i totally had that flash through my mind as well.

    Posted by Jane SG in Burnaby British Columbia Canada ,

  2. Just starting the third book, do we find out what happened to Lisbeth’s sister?? Does Lisbeth and her sister ever meet again??

    Posted by ~ElizabethMarieStubbe~ in Bessemer, MI ,

  3. Elizabeth,

    I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment by divulging the answers, though there are plenty of threads in this forum that would give it away. But why do that? I say enjoy the third book and refrain from reading too many threads here though I know that will be tough.

    Posted by RQ in San Francisco ,

  4. Dont want to sound big headed but I did have inkling that Zala was Lisbeth’s father. Firstly her reaction to the name …can’t explain it..probably watch too many TV crimes! But I am positive at one stage his name is written as Sala with an S…even though her mothers name and changes etc….the second I saw the Sala…my brain clicked to the Zala as father…can’t find what page now!!

    Posted by TB in Aus ,

  5. what is the big aha moment about Lisbeth’s mom changing her name to salander. How is that connected to Zalachenko?

  6. ^ They never married, she wanted to be connected to him as she was in love. Zala – Sala

    Posted by Ashtray Wasp in New Zealand ,

  7. Zala is associated to crime from the very first time he is mentioned. At this stage,Palmer is clearly on the human right side. Still, Palmer and Zala could be taken, for a while, as the two faces of the same coin: However mean Zala could be, he could have taken care of Salander, in his role of Palmer, out of

    father`s love. I myself did not think Palmer could be Zala. As for Mikael, he could not be Zala unless he used to work 24 hours a day and devoted some more to women,beer,coffe and sandwiches. My question is: when for the first time it becomes clear that Palmgren is not Zala?

    Posted by Efremov in Puebla ,

  8. Zalachenko purported to be Lisbeths father,though not bilogical, is the biological son to Joseph Stalin.

    Posted by The Dragon in Salanderville ,

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