I hope Eva wins through, apart from wanting more myself she is in the type of situation that Stieg would have written about and Lisbeth fought for…..a womans right to be treated fairly.

There is an expression ‘you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends’. Eva was chosen by Stieg and her greedy family shouldn’t have got anything !

A good lesson to all of us in un-married long-term relationships to write a will.

Posted by Tricia in living in Daventry(UK) and France , 21 November 2010

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3 thoughts on “Wow !”
  1. My bet is she will definately come out ahead in the end. His family should have been a little more generous considering she’s the one with the fourth book. Whose got the power now?

    Posted by Jennifer in Yukon ,

  2. The thing is do his family even care about the other material or if it ever gets published? It is clearly Larsson’s fans and Eva Gabrielsson who are the ones who care about the books. It seems his family only care about the money and therefore Eva will be fighting a losing battle. It’s a heartbreaking situation and as we all know, things do not always work out quite like they did for Blomkvist. It’s unbelievable that a country like Sweden does not recognise common law marriages and it is a further shame that Larsson did not credit Eva in some way. I can’t see that the situation will ever be rectified. If it is I will be over the moon.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  3. I should say that there aren’t too many places that do recognise the status of a common law marriage but it’s a shame that Eva is given no rights.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

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