Worth it to read 2 & 3?

Can the whole trilogy stand alone? I’ve just finished the 1st and am debating about the 2nd & 3rd. I don’t need or want to know what happens in either, just if it’s worth it to keep reading since the whole series was cut short.

Posted by Erin in Virginia , 9 January 2012

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27 thoughts on “Worth it to read 2 & 3?”
  1. One of my favorite books of all time. Hornet’s Nest.

    Please please do #4…but cannot it be the same without Stieg?

    Posted by Evelyn in Oscoda, Michigan, 28 Jun 2012 ,

  2. book 1 can stand alone. Ideally you should read 1 if you want to read 2 as you wouldnt know the characters and story line. 2 and 3 are better than 1

    Posted by mandy in england ,

  3. Just read all three books, and watched all 3 movies… loved them! Would very much like to have the story go on and on…. Give the rights to Eva so that she can continue with the series… Stieg would have wanted that…

    Posted by Sandra in Brookings ,

  4. Just getting to the trial in Book 3. It is hard to put this book down.

    Posted by Karen in Illinois ,

  5. If you liked the first book, no doubt you should read all three..I preferred watching the 3 Swedish versions of the movie. Rapace can’t be replaced for me. But, that’s up to the individual. I just watched the American version and didn’t like it. It lost something in the way it was portrayed from the Swedish version…so read all three and you’ll be hooked..like the rest of us, you’ll be waiting for the 4th book..5th..6th…etc….

    Posted by RD in calif ,

  6. If you enjoyed “Dragon Tattoo,” you’ll like “Played With Fire” and “Hornet’s Nest.” “Dragon” stands alone, but “Fire” and “Hornet’s” are really Parts 1 and 2 of the same story, IMO.

    Posted by JKB in Seattle, USA ,

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