Worth it to read 2 & 3?

Can the whole trilogy stand alone? I’ve just finished the 1st and am debating about the 2nd & 3rd. I don’t need or want to know what happens in either, just if it’s worth it to keep reading since the whole series was cut short.

Posted by Erin in Virginia , 9 January 2012

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  1. I’m almost finished with book 2, and it’s worth the read… go for it!

    Posted by J-Dubbs in NY, NY ,

  2. Please read book 2 & 3 :-)

    I nearly gave up on book one, it was so boring at the the begining and then the storyline really picked up.

    For me book 2 was fantastic and 3 even better. The ending of 3 was so good that it has allowed me to accept that this was the end and not crave for anyone else other than Stieg (of course not poss)to write any more. Would love to here your opinions of book 2 & 3.if you decide to read.

    Posted by Dragon Fly in England ,

  3. The first is the best, but 2 and 3 stand alone, and are very good as well! I can’t think of many books that can match any of the larsson novels!

    Posted by kv in pa ,

  4. I had read all 3 books, and watched the Swedish films. My husband and I saw the American film and now he is reading the books.If you thought the first book was good and liked the movie, you have to read the next two. Very good read.

    Posted by MKB in Id ,

  5. I thought book one was alright, it was pretty boring up until Lisbeth started hanging out in Hedeby with Mikael. Book 2 was amazing and I completely enjoyed it cover to cover. Book 3….I’m not a Berger fan and it seemed that every chapter was all about Berger. I wanted way more Lisbeth and the ending made me throw my ipod across the room. Ultimate cliffhanger that will never be fixed!

    Posted by inkopah in jacumba ,

  6. Yes! Read them. They are worth it and sure there were supposed to be more but dont worry because the trilogy that we have still can stand alone as everything in books 2 and 3 wraps up by the end of the 3rd one.

    Posted by M. in Louisiana ,

  7. Yes, read 2 & 3. They answer questions, complete character development & leave you feeling okay about Lisbeth’s future.

    Posted by Nuit in Manhattan Beach ,

  8. Fantastic reading! All 3 are classics. You won’t put down the book for a moment until you finish them. I felt sad that I finished the third book and there is no more to read!!! Enjoy reading.

    Posted by Kasthuri in New Zealand ,

  9. I started reading the first book on January,19th and finished the last of the trilogy last night, I just could not get enough of these characters,I’m 40 something, I have over a dozen tats and 6 body piercings,so it was easy to relate to lizbeths problem with people treating her different cause of her looks I get it all the time

    Posted by Darren Rulason in lula,Georgia, USA ,

  10. I enjoyed book 1,wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the others but my daughter told me they were better, so I went for it. I couldn’t put them down, every spare minute I wanted to read them to know what was going to happen. Well worth the read, just sorry there are no more,unless the 4th book gets finished (doubtful )

    Posted by Ann in Orpington Kent ,

  11. You can leave it at book 1 if you want to, but some things are only explained by books 2 and 3. Note, books 2 and 3 are really the one story in two parts. Neither of those makes sense without the other.

    Posted by Iestyn in Cardiff ,

  12. I loved the movie (I haven’t seen the original versions yet), cannot wait until the 2nd and 3rd movies come out.

    I started the first book, and found it so much like movie (almost eerily) that I found it boring. The 2nd book was fantastic! I am 3/4 of the way through the 3rd and it’s so awesome too. To me, the 3rd book brings it all together and I find myself going ahhhhh now I understand. haha.

    Enjoy the series…..all of them are so wonderful!

    Posted by Carrie in Westbank, BC ,

  13. I have read all three and am hoping the legal issue get straightened out and a fourth will come out. It is very worth it to read the whole trilogy

    Posted by pgwrn in Evansville, IN USA ,

  14. Eva says there is no fourth book written by Steig in her interviews.I think it would be unfair to put his name on a book that he hadn’t written. It has happened to other authors that have died and I feel that it is being dishonest to the reader. Just tell the truth and the readers buying power will show if it is a good book or not. Have you started the other books Erin?

    Posted by John in Australia ,

  15. I think that if you care about the characters enough then you won’t regret reading the second and third books. It all depends on how invested you are in them, I think. I’ve had a bit of a struggle deciding whether or not to finish the series because knowing that there was supposed to be so much more makes it a bit depressing to me. However, I’ve decided to read the other books because I want to read as much about Lisbeth as I can, even if the material we’re given about her is (very unfortunately) limited.

    I say go for it. Enjoy what you’re able to get access to.

    Posted by Dahlia ,

  16. Read #2; it’s impossible to put down until you finish, which I didn’t find to be the case with Dragon Tatoo.

    Posted by clifhenry in Albuqyerque ,

  17. Hi all. Thanks for the many encouraging posts. I did, in fact, just finish Book 3. I’m glad I finished the series, although the new American film version of ” . . . Dragon Tattoo” had a couple spoilers in it for the 2nd book which was disappointing to me since some of the suspense was lifted while I read it. Anyway, I found the 3rd book to be far drier and more think in terms of exposition than the other two, yet the trial at the end was seriously satisfying. I’m pleased with Lisbeth’s character development but will say that I think the first book remains my favorite.

    Posted by Erin in Virginia ,

  18. I envy you. I wish I had the pleasure of reading books two and three still to come. To me they got better and better.

    Posted by Jane in Devon England ,

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