Why did Lisbeth Return to Sweden?

Just finished the third book, but trying to remember WHY Lisbeth returned to Sweden in the 2nd book. After all the misery she had encountered there, and with all the money she had, why go back to where all the misery was? I passed on the book, so I do not have it in my possession, so if you can help me remember, I would most greatly appreciate it.

Posted by Derek in Florida , 14 November 2010

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  1. Upon thinking, was it because she saw that Bjurman was looking into removal of his tattoo, and she wanted to pay him a visit to remind him of their deal? Although it still bothers me that she seems to love to travel, yet buys an expensive apartment in Stockholm, when she could have lived anywhere.

    Posted by Derek in Florida ,

  2. It´s very simple. Go to Stockholm and you´ll see why – can you imagine a more fantastic and awesome city?

    Posted by grus in sthlm ,

  3. Don’t you remember that she frequently noted that she had very few friends and those she did have were in Sweden (Mimi, for example).

    Posted by Stan Crane in Elburn, IL ,

  4. hey does anybody find it more than a coincidence that in the second book Dag Svennson is killed before he finishes his book and Steig (bless his soul), died after he wrote his books???????????????

    Posted by Eliza Roan in Liberty, Nebraska ,

  5. She felt bad about not saying good-bye to her only friends. That is what I believe she went back to Sweden for.

    Posted by ~ElizabethMarieStubbe~ in Bessemer, MI ,

  6. Nobodies been here for years but remember how the story began with her having nightmares about her Guardian Bjork? She looked in on his emails, she was after all gifted and saw he was planning on removing his tattoos. She shows up and set him straight and leaves the gun setting herself up for being framed, innocently of course.

    Posted by Colm Heneghan in Park Ridge ,

  7. …sorry re thinking..(read books a while ago!) her nightmares were possibly of the psychaitrist as Trebolian….much was written about his tying her down…..but yet the fire was about salachenko, my thoughts are she wanted to dio same to him

  8. Interesting that Lisbeth bought an apartment near Millennium.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

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