Why did he not leave a will?

If he thought it was unsafe to marry Eva then why did Stieg not leave a will especially when he knew he his life was at risk?

Posted by B.G. in UK , 7 August 2011

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  1. In May 2008, it was announced that a 1977 will, found soon after Larsson’s death, declared his wish to leave his assets to the Umeå branch of the Communist Workers League (now the Socialist Party).

    Posted by Dq in west Croydon ,

  2. Hi Dq

    As the will in 1977 was not witnessed it was not valid under Swedish law. The result of this meant that his father and brother inherited all of his estate and all future royalties from his books.

    Posted by B.G. in U.K. ,

    1. how long was he with her and why did she not question it not being witnessed before 2004? I would have done! if you are close you need to sort out each others future finances if one of you goes! they were frightned of her being assassinated if he willed it to her doesn’t add up! they were BOT UNDER THREAT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

  3. I wondered about that as well. I believe she has said that they never had enough to worry about willing anything to each other–at least not until it was too late.

    Posted by J-A in USA ,

  4. It is strange not making a will when Stieg’s safety has often been quoted as a worry.

    Posted by Steve in Australia ,

  5. Probably the reason why so many people don’t get life insurance–they were going to get to it..until they didn’t.

    Posted by EB in Boston, MA ,

  6. What amazes me (I am Swedish) is that since they had been “sambo” for so long, and the status for that is supposedly the same as being married, Eva is not entitled to at least half of the inheritance and proceeds from Stiegs books

    Posted by AnnaK in Boulder, CO ,

  7. It is rumoured that they were not even living together at the time of his death.

    Sambo couples do not inherit each other’s assets as married couples do . Since they do not inherit or become beneficiaries of each other?s property, it is important for sambos to have a joint will (last will and testament). “Sambo” couples can split their belongings etc but not their assets

    Posted by Paddy in Ireland ,

  8. Wills are for people who think about wills, people who are not living on the edge. Creative genius has to take Miderol to think like the sheep.

    Posted by Judy Haywood-Gonzalez in Santa Fe, NM, USA ,

  9. Wills are also for thoughful people who do not want to leave loved ones a lot of paperwork to do at a time when they are coping with their grieving.

    Posted by Thouhgtful Ovine in Norway ,

  10. There are three possib el reason he didn’t leave a will:

    1) He wasn’t aware that one was needed. And for a journalist of his caliber that seems unlikely, you would pretty much have to been avoiding all the information when the Sambo law was uppgraded not gto get it.

    2) He didn’t actually think he could die. Seems unreasonable seeing his livestile, smoking, fastfood, limited exerices and invsrigated right wing extremists.

    3) He just didn’t thiunk it was wotrt 15 minutes of his time to save his posseions for Erika (and until Millenium become a sucess it may not ahve been)

    Posted by Cynic in Uppsala ,

  11. I hope you (northstar in tx) are right that some of the royalties from the new US movie are given to Eva. Are you sure or is it just a rumor?

    That wood be great to see US movie industries support for her.

    Americans are very nice people so who knows?

    Posted by agneta viklund in SF ,

  12. i think eva should write something about her life with steig. even a short book would be a huge best-seller in the u.s. and the money would roll in, providing her with financial security. there would be such a great sub-plot it steig’s bro and dad have refused to share with her in any way.

    Posted by mary j vanderwerken in boise, idaho usa ,

  13. If it’s true, I guess he decided that the Commie f.Party was more important than his girlfriend.I wonder how she felt about that, if at all.

    Posted by Virginia in Marietta ,

  14. to mary in boise, idaho

    eva did write a book and it wasn’t well received in the us. she comes across as a wee bit crazy. i think she writes about putting curses on people.

  15. Does anyone believe that it would be an infringement if Eva was to change the characters names and maybe even the setting (out of Sweden) considering the “Star” status that Mikael and Lizbeth now have they would be unable to live life as usual, and finsih the other nine books? I am sure this thought has occurred to her as well considering the outline has been created. I am sure that we would all recognize the characters immediately.

    Posted by Donna in Buffalo, NY ,

  16. I don’t think that would fly. It would be akind to putting red hair and a goofy smile on the Mona Lisa and calling it a totally different but original work of art.

    Posted by sonya in new britain ,

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