Who decided the Swedish names of the 3 books?

Did Stieg do that or was it done by someone or some publisher after his passing? The reason I ask is particular the first title: “Män som hatar kvinnor” (Means “Men who hates women”) which recieved the English title “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. I don’t find the title to be describing of the story. There were about two male characters who abused women yes, but I wouldn’t describe that as hating. Abuse of power and people around you, certainly. But there are more appropriate words to describe that than hate. Also, the story in my opinion was not some showcase of men who hate women so I just find it to be an unusually strange choice of title. The english title is focusing on Lisbeth for example which seems more appropriate. Could someone shed some light on who/how the Swedish title was decided on please? Thank you!


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