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10 thoughts on “Which film is best”
  1. I’ve watched the first two. Seems production values were much higher for the first film, Dragon Tattoo. Unfortunately the version of “…with Fire”, I saw was the English dubbed version. It could not compare

    film wise with the first. Have not seen the third film

    yet. Any opinions. Will I find Hornet’s Nest as good as the first film? Opinions?

    Posted by Ted ,

  2. Short answer, no. The first film was filmed as a feature film; the last 2 as TV. My personal opinion is the last 2 are the best, not for their production values but for their story; they are all about Lisbeth. I’ve watched all 3 more than a dozen times in the last year and still prefer the last 2. But I AM among the minority.

    Posted by Bob in Albuquerque ,

  3. While reading “Tattoo”, I was aware that I knew what everyone looked like, and what everyone was going to do. Seems I saw it somewhere before 1995. Was it a novella made into a movie. Subtitled. How could I have seen it? Restore My Sanity!!!

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  4. so perhaps Larsson “borrowed”

    some of the storyline from an old movie?

    Posted by Ted ,

  5. Personally, I think that the first two films weren’t that good (I still haven’t seen the third, but planning on it!). I don’t see why some people say that they’re ‘Best Picture’ worthy. They didn’t capture the feel of the books, certain necessary things were cut out, dumb and irrevelant things were put in, and the acting & casting wasn’t very great.

    I’m sure Fincher will do a better job.

    Posted by WaspNest in New Lands ,

  6. Swedish is as Swedish does. Hollywood is as Hollywood does. And it has become an imperative that both shall not meet. The Fincher-U.S. version will not work

    Posted by tdonnellan in Minneapolis, MN ,

  7. I happened on the Fincher film on cable–but it was one with commercials so I jumped away to Frontline when the commercials hit, I have seen all the films many times and read the books 3 times but as I stretched my concentration and sense of continuity I found myself with a new respect for Fincher’s translation of word to visual behavior. TGWDT was more about Lisbeth even as the big star was Mikeal and the little known Mara played Lisbeth. Fincher was as fascinated with her as the rest of us are.

    Still, as I have said before its NOOMI who is Lisbeth FOR ME.

    Posted by t in California ,

  8. My wife and I have been huge fans of the three books and all the movies since they first became available in the U.S. We own all three books and all the movies. The Swedish version that we own (and are watching as I type this) is the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. As I understand it, this version contains all of the footage from the original Swedish movie as well as the Swedish TV series. We also have the American version of TGWTDT. We have each read all three books three times and have watched all the movies more than half a dozen times.
    My personal opinion is that watching the Swedish version of the movies is more enjoyable than the American version and we prefer to watch it in Swedish with English subtitles. We watched the entire series with English dubbing once but both agreed that the dubbing was atrocious. They could at least have used English-speaking voice-over artists who had a European accent.
    We both agree that the American film version is much truer to the book than the Swedish. Having said that, I have no clue as to why the writers of the American version chose to change the ending of TGWTDT COMPLETELY!
    I also find it annoying that both the Swedish and American films chose to diverge in the same way from the Vanger family tree as it is displayed in the English translation of the book. In both movies, Henrik calls Gottfried one of his brothers which makes Harriett and Martin Henrik’s niece and nephew. It also makes Harriett and Martin first cousins with Anita and Cecilia. Those are the relationships as portrayed in both movies. According to the Vanger Family tree in the book, however, it was Richard, Gottfried’s father, who was one of Henrik’s brothers. Gottfried was not Henrik’s brother but was rather his nephew. That means that Harriett and Martin were not Henrik’s niece and nephew but were rather his grand niece and grand nephew. It also means that Gottfiried, not Harriett and Martin, was the first cousin of Anita and Cecilia. Just a trivial point but I have no idea why both movies changed it. I suppose that it could be an error in the printed Vanger Family Tree but I have no evidence either way.

    1. I ‘ ve read the 3 books and watch all the movies and agreed that the swedish versions are better. Even for a southamerican woman like me. Thanks for your post

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