I am curious as to which book people liked best? I took me a while to get into Book 1. I didn’t feel any compulsion to keep reading until I had approx 180 pages read. After that, I loved the book. The third book had a lot of necesssary background detail e.g.the entitlements of the SAPO Constitutional Section that wasn’t the most captivating to me but obviously it was all a build up to a magnificent finish, particulary the downfall of Teleborian at the trial. I must say that my favourite book was The Girl Who Played With Fire. Not sure how relevant the storyline concerning the Forbes couple at the beginning of the book was but I suppose it showed a side to Salander’s persona. However, the rest of the book fascinated me with all the action and suspense….so, which one was your favourite??

Posted by Aine in Ireland , 10 January 2011

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  1. Book 2 and 3 are really one book, in two parts as someone mentioned earlier. I prefer the more political aspect of books 2 and 3, over the closed room murder mystery of the first book, and while the trial scene in The Hornets Nest is brilliant, the narrative action and cliffhanger ending of the second book probably makes it my favourite.

    The first book, especially, could have been edited a bit more aggressively to reduce excessive repetition and exposition, but the actual story in there was excellent.

  2. My favorite book was Book 2. I loved reading about how Lisbeth spent her time…reading about math and science? Awesome. She is such a facinating character. Although I must say, the second movie was my least favorite. It left most of the interesting stuff out from the book.

    Posted by Katie in San Diego ,

  3. i agree with katie in san diego,they always do that with movies…..and blomkvist character in movies is certainly intriguing but i didnt find him attractive as steig said he is in books…..noomi played lizbeth really good, but they just ran through with the movies….they should have made them in 2 parts…..is the 3rd movie out yet??

    Posted by basra in canada ,

  4. The first one is a blast, a real masterpiece. Two and three left me somewhat disappointed.

    I only finished reading two and three because I started them and worked my way through the end. Far too many totally unrealistic coincidences. Some Kurdish friend of Blomkvist happens to know the cleaner at the hospital in which Salander is kept; the right youngster with the Police in Stockholm happens to be on first name terms with the former PM of Sweden. Gimme a break.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt ,

  5. I think you should have applied the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’, Martin. It is fiction after all.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

  6. The problem with books 1 & 3 is that they seemed to have a nice resolution about 2/3 of the way through and then the final 1/3 was tying up a loose end. it seemed anticlimactic. Book 2 just ended and 3 was a continuation of that plot. I liked 2 and 3 the best because there was more character development and plot in them.

    Posted by Mark in Wisconsin ,

  7. Well, Ro, it’s not “The Lord of the Rings” we are talking about. Setting of the stories is Sweden ten years ago, most of the pubs and streets and hotels and even people do exist. Just found some of the fictional inventions in part 2 and 3 less skillfully done. But don’t get me wrong: I loved reading them – fascinating and thrilling.

    Posted by Martin in Frankfurt ,

  8. In terms of structure, Book One seems much tighter, better crafted, than the next two books. It also has the obvious advantage of introducing the amazing and sometimes charming talents of Lisbeth. No significant surprises after that.

    Posted by F. Henry in Pittsburgh ,

  9. Possibly the Forbe’s story at the beginning of book 2 was to make the book easier to get into. The beginning of book 1 was so slow. I know that this idea is a stretch.

    Posted by Buckrroo in Montgomery ,

  10. I have just finished book one, Audiobook and played it in my car on journeys, same as others I found it very hard to get into at the beginning, but then I was hooked, I have just started book 2, audio is brilliant, with accents people seem very real, and the laziness of not having to read, great listening when bdoing housework etc…

    Posted by Karen in North Wales, UK ,

  11. Book One (Dragon Tattoo) takes time to get super interested but once you do, you are hooked. I’ve just finished Book Two (Played with Fire) and WOWWW… what a fantastic story and what a fantatic writer Steig was. I’ve just purchased Book Three (Hornet’s Nest) and can’t wait to get started.

    Posted by Jeanne in Viera, FL ,

  12. Well I guess my take was very different. What I got the most out of was learning more about Sweden. Until recently I had thought of Sweden as a near perfect country. My grandmother was from there; came to the USA at 19 along with several siblings and they were all great people whom I loved very much. The books were excellent but so far I have not had a chance to read TGWKTHN yet, hard to get in rural Alaska.

    Posted by BudR in Bethel ,

  13. I’d agree with BudR regarding the insight into Sweden and Swedishness, and for that reason I’d rate them in reverse order – Hornet’s Nest first, Dragon Tattoo last.

    Posted by genji in Lisbethtown ,

  14. I rate them 1,3,2

    I do hope the forth gets printed by the family

    I saw the film of the 3rd yesterday and do not recommend it – too disjointed and far removed from the continuing storyline of the book.

    Posted by Ray i in Sydney ,

  15. Book 2. More events and actions happening.

    Posted by Roselia316 in Sydney, Australia ,

  16. Book 2 is the best. Salander did work so hard to fight back Zalachenko.

    and Teleborian. (All the authorities she suffered from. ) And i like the scene she cared about her former guardian Holger Palmgren, and her girlfriend Mimmi.

    Book 3 was complicated and book#1 was dark.

    Posted by mimmi in Tokyo ,

  17. I must say the second, although I liked the first alot for the mystery. The second was a thriller and a much faster story. The third feels draggy and lengthy beyond the threshold of enjoyment…

    Posted by Speedygi81 in Singapore ,

  18. Well, I’m with several others: ALL THREE! But if I HAD to choose to save my life I would pick PWF. It gives us so much more info on Lisbeth herself. She’s awesome. We see how much she has had to put up with and what she has to do merely to survive. I read PWF first and the prologue hooked me [can’t even comprehend how horrifying it would be, to be restrained for an extended period of time.] But I must say I LOVED them all; they are the best novels I have ever read and I’ve read in the thousands, classics and pulp alike.

    Posted by Bob in Albuquerque ,

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