I am curious as to which book people liked best? I took me a while to get into Book 1. I didn’t feel any compulsion to keep reading until I had approx 180 pages read. After that, I loved the book. The third book had a lot of necesssary background detail e.g.the entitlements of the SAPO Constitutional Section that wasn’t the most captivating to me but obviously it was all a build up to a magnificent finish, particulary the downfall of Teleborian at the trial. I must say that my favourite book was The Girl Who Played With Fire. Not sure how relevant the storyline concerning the Forbes couple at the beginning of the book was but I suppose it showed a side to Salander’s persona. However, the rest of the book fascinated me with all the action and suspense….so, which one was your favourite??

Posted by Aine in Ireland , 10 January 2011

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  1. I agree with the first sentment of Aine from Ireland. I, too, had a hard time getting into Dragon Tattoo; but was told by a friend to keep reading. I did and just a few minutes ago finished Girl who played with Fire and if it were not for the 6? of snow in my driveway, I would drive to a store and buy Hornet’s Nest to read on this snowy day. What a shame that such a talent is no more!!!

    Posted by Teresa in Woxall PA USA ,

  2. I actually liked Book 1 Dragon Tattoo best. The mystery was more compelling in this one and the story had many twists and turns that kept you guessing. And then there’s Lisabeth Salander. What an awesome character! I was so disappointed to learn that Stieg Larsson had passed away and that he was going to do 10 books had he lived. It really makes me wonder what direction he would have taken Lisabeth and Blomkvist. I hope they resolve all the legal wrangling around the 4th novel. Maybe it could actually be published one day.

  3. I read the first book over the Thanksgiving holidays. Needless to say I rushed out to find The Girl Who Played with Fire in trade paperback and in hardback “Hornets Nest.” I rarely every buy things in trade or hardback because of the cost. These books were well worth it. I am even contemplating buying the $100.00 hardback editions with the bonus book about Stieg Larsson that is being sold at Borders. Such a wonderful talent lost too soon.

  4. I liked The Girl Who Played with Fire best…it wasn’t easy to solve, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it wasn’t full of repetition and what I felt was unnecessary extensive coverage on the history of the “Zalachenko Group” (a brief overview would have sufficed for me). It also featured Salander as the most central character out of all of the books in the series. She got to do the most in TGWPWF, with more coverage, and there was also much more action. I read it in 2 days, often loooong into the night because I did not want to put it down.

    I liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo least of all…I figured everything out in the early 300s and had to wait for Blomkvist to figure it out in the 400s or so. I guess I read too many crime novels and watch too much Law and Order: SVU.

    Posted by MBW in Virginia, USA ,

  5. Like Aine, I had a hard time getting into the first book. I have only read about 100 pages and so far have been utterly bored with it. I had a difficult time trying to follow it, I guess due to my lack of interest. After reading the first 100 or so pages, someone took the book from me. So, I have started reading the second book while I wait to get the first back. So far, from what little I have read, I definitely prefer the second book. But, I still have a lot more to read, so my opinion could change. I’m not even all that interested in the second book either. I’m about 150 pages in and still am not at that “can’t put it down, staying up all night reading in the dark” point yet. Usually I am hooked on a book by time I’m done reading the prologue, if not by time I’m done the first chapter or two. Honestly, the reason I am still reading it all is because I am hoping it will pick up and grab my interest. I’m hoping that point is right around the corner.

    Posted by Cortney in Bear, DE ,

  6. For me, each book was the best.

    Book one, was the best introduction I’ve ever read, the character develoment was amazing, wanted me to read more.

    Book two, was the best as far as straight up action, plot development & twists.

    Book three, was the best at intrigue and the sense of vindication.

    I could not tell you which one I enjoyed the most.

    Posted by Billy in Long Beach, NY ,

  7. I loved all the books.

    I love having Mikael and Lisbeth together so that is part of the reason I love the first book.

  8. Book 2 definitely….Although book 3 was really just a direct extension of book 2. Like one long book written in two parts. Took a while to get into the first book, but was hooked halfway through, and immediately when I picked up book 2. I have to say, when I hear people rave about a book, usually I end up disappointed. This was the first series in a long time that I felt lived up to expectations!

  9. Book #1 was definately the best, even though the plot was kind of predictable. #2 was ok, but not as good as #1. #3 is disappointing, boring in my opinion.

  10. Book #3 Best – I had seen the original movie #1 first before starting to the read the books – although I enjoyed the movie – being a little odd with sub titles always been a supporter of any “underdg with balls”, I saw in Lisbeth the epitomy of exactly that – “fuck off and leave me alone, but if you enter my personal space, be careful = no compromises!!” Then book #1, as it sets the scene and establishes the first generatio p characters for later books, then Book #2.

    So how did “they” get away with murdering him – or s it natural causes, and his own crime case hushed up, just like his book’s mai theme?

    What a pity we will never get anoher tri-logy from that magician’s brain again.

    Posted by Oddball ,

  11. When I started the first book, I was so confused by the names, titles, etc. that I almost gave up and as a consequense I skimmed through a lot of it as being just too difficult. After getting into it, I was held captive by all the character development and finished it straightaway. After reading books 2 and 3, I went back and re-read book 1. I think book 1 was my personal favorite.

    Posted by Buck in Montgomery ,

  12. Book 2 was my favorite for all of the action, but I loved them all, and feel a sense of loss now that I have finished the last. Will start reading them again, this time in Swedish.

    Posted by Sara C. in Zionsville ,

  13. I also feel at a loss now that I have finished all three. How I wish Larsson was still around to give us some more! I’m not sure which one I loved the best, maybe the first as it has the best interaction between Mickael and Lisbeth. I sincerely hope this draft version Larsson left behind gets published and Blomkvist and Salander re-ignite their romance.

    Posted by Ro in Ireland ,

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