What Will Lisbeth Do With All That Money?

If we start off defining $1 billion as 1,000 times 1 Million, Lisbeth has used a minuscule amount of that money.

I figure when she arrived back in Stockholm off the Oslo train, she had the following:

49 Million Kronor in Cayman Island Bank

1 Million Kronor on her Wasp Credit Card

10% of the bonds cashed into currency and placed in 30 numbered accounts in 9 private Swiss Banks

90% of the bonds–still physically bonds in a security deposit box in one of the private Swiss banks (I think that 90% represented over 2 billion kronor)

I wonder why she put so little money in the Cayman Island Bank and so little on her Wasp CC?

Anybody else fascinated why she handled the money the way she did? Seems like there could have been more explanation. Maybe it was edited out. I would have been interested in it.

Posted by Moira in Seattle, USA , 15 July 2010

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10 thoughts on “What Will Lisbeth Do With All That Money?”
  1. i think the idae was to move the money around so many different places so no one could easilly keep track of all the cash and where it went. though i dont think the cayman island accound could acctualy happen beacause most off-shore accounts require around fifty million minimun first deposit.

    Posted by benwashear ,

  2. Lisabeth’s character, in my opinion, really did not relish the thought of “having so much money” as she did of having the “power” to manipulate someone evil.

    Posted by Linda Thamm in Victoria, South Texaxs ,

  3. It does seem that Lisbeth doesn’t know what to do with all that money. The lawyer in Gibraltar is even having trouble dealing with it. In my reading the natural progression may be that Lisbeth makes a chunk of it available somehow to charities for abused women, perhaps that Annika may be associated with. The tricky part there is that Lisbeth has to hide the source as she can’t have it traced to her, and also that Annika likely wouldn’t approve of the way Lisbeth got it, so she can’t know.

    Posted by mike in toronto ,

  4. She’s young and immature, and I think she’s not sure what to do with all that money, and what to do with herself. As she matures I would think she would set up some kind of foundation to help abused women.

  5. Another discrepancy between the book and the movie concerns the amount of money she acquired. Doesn’t a TV newscaster announce towards the end of the 1st movie that several million kroner was missing from a Wennerstrom account in the Cayman Islands. A surveillance photos shows Lisbeth leaving the bank

    In the book it’s 3 billion kroner missing after an elaborate switch involving several Swiss banks. Too bad they didn’t fit that into movie as it highlights her genius.

    Posted by greg in hilo hawaii ,

  6. the movie(s) were lousy in many regards, especially with details like that. they were hamstrung by just getting something ‘out there’. i didn’t think the 1st movie was good at all.

  7. Whatever she plans to do with all that money, I hope she makes a will or Camilla might end up with it all. :(

    Kaz in Brisvegas, Australia ,

  8. She won’t use it to help female victims because she doesn’t have that much empathy. I think she’ll give it to Milton Security so that they can protect vulnerable women before they get harmed, even if the women can’t afford to pay for help for themselves. If Salander ever finds out what Linder did for Berger when she found Peter Fredriksson spying id Berger’s back garden then Salander would probably put Linder in charge of that branch of Milton Security. Salander likes a bit of revenge.

    Jax in Lancashire UK ,

  9. That much money provides dangerous motivations for the organized gangs to trace it. It would be a matter of time before she may be discovered

  10. In the first movie they DID make the watcher aware, if you were paying attention. In Switzerland the banker calculated the movie and showed the figure of $3.2 billion on his calculator. Later, the newscaster relays the sum of money as “approximately $2 billion”
    Leaving the viewer to realize she kept about $1.2 billion. Immediately after us the scene M asks her about her “was it a good investment?” To which she replies “it was ok” lol……. you gotta catch the little bits of humor

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