I have read about SL’s life on the wikipedia article. But what kind of person was he like? I would be interested in what fans think

Posted by PP in Stockholm , 15 November 2014

By Editor

2 thoughts on “What waa he like?”
  1. You should totally read There Are Thing I Want You To Know About Stieg Larsson And Me. It’s a book his girlfriend wrote not too long ago I think, and it’s all about his life and who he was as a person.

    Posted by Charlotte in Montreal ,

  2. I agree with Charlotte, and suggest you also read Kurdo Baksi’s “Stieg Larrson: Our Days In Stockholm.” Larsson includes a character with his name (and, roughly, his story) in the Hornets Nest

    BTW if you want to see this site continue it might be necessary to add to the discussion since someone is monitoring it and presumably paying for its continued functioning.

    Posted by turtle in California ,

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