what type of phone does she use in the hospital?

is it a nokia n900?

Posted by zipdrivedaddy in houston , 23 December 2010

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11 thoughts on “what type of phone does she use in the hospital?”
  1. She doesn’t actually handle the phone itself which is in a vent in her room. She accesses the phone with her Palm PDA. The phone is a Sony Ericsson Z600 which is supposed to be the best for the time when Larsson wrote the book.

    Posted by Tiny in Vancouver ,

  2. uhm ppl if u look good u can see it is a erikson mobile phone dunno what the exact type but im sure its a erikson

  3. when she is in hospital its def an Xperia, dunno which 1

    Posted by ddavee7777 in london ,

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