I was curious to know if the phone Lisbeth used in the hospital is real and who makes it?

Posted by AM in NYC , 1 Mars 2011

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6 thoughts on “what phone did Lisbeth use”
  1. The phone shown in the movie is the Xperia X1. I had a silver one just like it. I’ve since moved on to an x10.

    Posted by bewareofjen in key west ,

  2. Mostlikely a Sony Ericsson. Definetely not an XPERIA model, since they were not available at the time the book was written or the movie was made.

    Posted by exfat in Madrid ,

  3. i believe it was a Palm Tungsten (they mention it in the book). Which model, i don’t know, but it had a qwerty keyboard.

    Posted by Mary in Lisbon ,

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