what mistake lisabeth made?

What mistake did Lisabeth make that allowed kalle B. to deduce that she appropriated the gangsters money?

Posted by Spooner in USA , 26 May 2011

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  1. he saw her in the blonde disguise on a surveillance tape from the banks and recognised her.

    Posted by oboros in seattle ,

  2. Oboros made a good call, but that was not ‘her’ mistake. I mean, she was disguised – he recognized her (only) because of his past acquaintance with her. Not her mistake, just bad luck.

    Posted by Aharon in Israel ,

  3. I agree with Aharon. It was not Lisbeth’s mistake. She doesn’t make any. Whatever happens with her is sheer bad luck.

    Currently I am recovering with Lisbeth from her bullet hole in the head. Can’t wait to make her feel better so that she can put an end to ‘All The Evil’.

    That is just how much I am into the series! :)

    Posted by Rai Bose in Calcutta, India ,

  4. OMG they are the best books ever! I finished the Hornets Nest yesterday and I’m lost without them now, I need more!!

    I agree, it wasn’t Lisbeth’s mistake, Blomkvist recognised her.

    Posted by S Archdale in Scotland ,

  5. leaving her keys in the hospital room which allowed him to find her safety deposit box and so bank statements

    Posted by ,

  6. The keys are not the mistake. MB made reference to the mistake in the conversation with LS via desktop letters. He later found the keys behind the microwave leading him to the po box and apt. When her arrived at her apt she was gone and had wiped the computer. So the mistake was discovered by MB before the keys were found.

    Posted by april in tx ,

  7. Mikael recognizes her while watching the security tapes close to the GWDT ending. He was curious about that girl and was paying lots of attention, my guess is that she might have done something entirely hers like scrathing her nose on a certain way or something like that.

    Posted by Erick V. in Mexico City ,

  8. She gave him a folder with all the info in it when she visited him in jail….

    Posted by Joe T. in N.Canton,Ohio ,

  9. It’s not that “Spooner i USA” came up with it with no reason. Mikael himself told her that quote: You made a mistake with Wennerström affair. Having read the first two books so far I don’t have my answer to that. But I have to admit, Erick V’s idea seems the most plausible. or may be she accidently gave the camera one of her rare smiles that he recognized. or smth like that.

    Posted by Olly in Minsk ,

  10. if i remember correctly (from the book), the disguised lisbeth purposefully posed in the view of the surveillance cameras. so i don’t think that was the mistake mikael referred to.

    Posted by polapoi in chicago ,

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