What does Lisbeth write on the body of the guardian?


Does anyone have an English translation for the words that naked Lisbeth writes on the body of her guardian?
We were watching the Swedish version of the Dragon Tattoo movie and we were wondering what Lisbeth wrote on his body (I assume she wrote the words in Swedish, but we would like an English translation if anyone has one).

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Cath, 19 September 2010

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The statement was mentioned in the book:

lisbeth salander tattoo guardian

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12 thoughts on “What does Lisbeth write on the body of the guardian?”
  1. I have not seen the movie. Can someone please tell me how i can get to see an image of the tattoo. It will also be great to see what the wasp and dragon tattoo, etc of lisbeth looks like. Thanks

    Posted by red jet in Philippines

  2. Red Jet.

    I hope you don’t fall off your chair when you see the size of the Dragon. In the book it covers her Shoulder blade, about a handsbreath. In the movies it covers more than half her back. Also her mother looks at the tattoos on her inner arms. She had NO tattoos on her inner arms.

    Damn those sensationalist movies.

    Posted by Tiny in Vancouver

    1. Wikipedia is telling me that the original book had full back tatoo and english translation is only a shoulder tat.

  3. TYVM for the translation of the tattoo on the guardian.. it took me a minute to find this and i wanted to know b4 i continued to watch the film.. again thanks boots and katie

    Posted by Stoned in the Gas House

  4. Jag är et(f) sadistisk svin och en våldtäktsman

    I am a sadistic swine and a rapist. Although hard to read with the blood and the moving. I had to wait for netflix to get a good look at it.

    Posted by blown up Joe in Clarkston

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