What did the man get tattooed

so i watch the first movie and i can’t seem to figure out what the the guardian had tattooed on his stomach can some one help me so i can translate it please thanks!

Posted by Dr. Talotta in Olympia, WA , 22 July 2010

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    When I saw the movie (in Olympia too!) the tattoo was translated in the subtitles. Maybe it flashed by too quickly for you to read? More than a month later I can’t remember the exact wording, but in the book the tattoo reads “I am a sadistic pig, a pervert, and a rapist.” If the movie version wasn’t exactly those words, it was something very, very close to that.

    Posted by Monica in Olympia, WA ,

  2. “I am a sadistic pig and a rapist” was on the subtitles.

    Posted by Mambisa in Florida ,

  3. You all are talking about watching the movies, are they out?

    Posted by April in Masontown, Pa ,

  4. The Swedish movies have been released, although I have only seen the 1st one with the Enlish subs

    Posted by Naillik in Tuscaloosa, AL ,

  5. Yes, all 3 have been released overseas, and the 1st two are out in the U.S. The 3rd is likely to be out in the U.S. in Oct or Nov 2010. I’ve already got the 1st film on DVD and Amazon.com will notify me when the 2nd is on DVD. They don’t really show at BIG theaters, usually in “artsy” theaters. You know how Americans hate subtitles. If you wait long enough, Sony has purchased the rights to the movies and will be putting out an English version. That really saddens me. I won’t spoil it by seeing them!!The films are GREAT in Swedish just how Stieg would have liked them!

    Posted by Bosco in Sebastopol, CA ,

  6. Lisbeth tattoed:

    I am a sadistic pig

    a pervert

    and a rapist

    on Bjurmans belly!!

    Posted by The Smith in Cornwall ,

  7. I prefer subtitles to dubbed movies. Thank you for this translation.

    Posted by Michelle in Phoenix, Arizona ,

  8. Well folks, the American version is excellent. Quit bad mouthing us, you f*cks. We are not all stupid, fat and talentless. Remember we bailed your miserable arses out of WW2 you spoiled pieces of sh*t.

    Posted by Vic Kohing in Wasilla ,

  9. As an American I’m embarassed by moronic, jingoistic blather – unsurprisingly, in this case, originating in Sarah Palin’s hometown, Wasilla, Alaska. And WWII – talk about resting on our laurels. If we’re so concerned about our reputation maybe we should strive to be worthy of it in this day and age.

    The American version may not be terrible, but it’s certainly redundant.

    Posted by looselyhuman in Left Coast ,

  10. Americans (not all, but many) have the problem of being a product of their countries media. I’m an american and find it sad our “news” programs are more interested in shocking the public than producing meaningful or even educational content like the role it plays in other countries.

    But to bad mouth “Americans” because they seem stupid is like blaming the poor person for not having nicer clothing. Its sad, but the cussing guy has a right to be angry – he just has a problem verbalizing it.

    Posted by Greymalkin in Seattle, WA ,

  11. The only ‘bad mouthing’ of Americans was the statement that Americans hate subtitles. That is largely true. The ‘jingoistic blather’ (great wording by the way, looselyhuman!) was patently ignorant overeaction.

    It is true that a ‘US version’ is simply redundant. It is also a sad statement on our, the USA’s, hatred of subtitles. There was simply no reason to remake this movie other than to make it palatable for an American audience. That a subtitled movie would not ‘sell’ in the US should be troubling commentary to any intelligent person, let alone intelligent Americans.

    Posted by Blaster was here… in in the San Francisco bay area ,

  12. Thank you for the answer to the ? That guy was a bad guy. That was a redeeming scene! The tatoo was icing on the pay back cake…lol. The Swedish versions are

    Available on Net Flix. I want to watch them now, after watching the American version.

    Posted by Kat marsh in Tampa, Florida ,

  13. Hey, this American watched a French movie in subtitles the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it… :-) Thank you for the answer to the question.

    Posted by PBK in Upper St Clair ,

  14. “I am a sadistic pig and a rapist” There is no doubt Lizbeth was rarely creative.. Even it was so unreasonable for her to go to his apartment unarmed. Next time she didn’t fail..She came back..

    This situation leads to Lizbeth’s arrival to Grenada where she happened to protect innocent life from the husband who was going to get rid of her by hitting her with the brick on her head during the storm..and Sally don’t wait..she acts..she run through the storm with her young friend and she hits him on his head with a break..this was not mentioned in the movie but was described in the book..

    Posted by Cindy in St. Louis MO ,

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