I’ve watched the Swedish movies and I remember Lisbeth walking on a bridge or overpass with a church in the background. Can anyone plz tell me the name of that church?

Posted by Xavier Dolan in Hamilton ON , 1 Mars 2012

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3 thoughts on “What church?”
  1. Am not totally sure if I’m thinking along the same lines as you Xavier, but I think the bridge concerned may be on Gamla Lundagatan, roughly half way between Lisbeth’s first apartment and Blomkvist’s apartment. If this is so then the church may actually be the City Hall on Kungsholmen. Check it out on google maps to confirm. Hope this helps :-)

    Posted by Amanda in Zwolle ,

  2. I’m reading the third book…it’s awesome reading. What a waste..I hope his girlfriend can finish the fourth book.

    Posted by Theresa Gallegos in Hampton Virginia ,

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