What are some of your favourite things about the books?

I love love love how Stieg Larsson created strong women such as Lisbeth Salander, Erika Berger, Annika Giannini, Sonja Modig and Monica Figuerola.

Posted by J in Denmark , 11 September 2009

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10 thoughts on “What are some of your favourite things about the books?”
  1. My favourite ‘thing’ is probably that Larsson manages to write a story that is both firmly grounded in Swedish ‘realistic’ crime-thriller and ‘American’ over-the-top-Hollywoodish movie-lore (e.g. Lisbeth digging herself out of a fresh grave and taking revenge on her father with an axe, like another Kill Bill). It shouldn’t work but I think it does, because it’s a totally exhilarating reading experience.

    Posted by chris from sallysfriends.net in Copenhagen ,

  2. I agree. Another thing that made the books so passionate is how Larsson writes about real life, e.g., KGB, GRU, trafficking, corruption (particularly in a country which -from my southern point of view, “is” immaculate!

    Posted by Maricruz in Quito ,

  3. Ooops! I forgot, one of the main realities he denounces is defenseless child mistreatment.

    Posted by Maricruz in Quito ,

  4. Kinda sounds odd to say this, but I love the sexual relationships and complexity in this series. Wish Larsson could have described the sex scenes in more depth, so irresistible ;)

    Posted by Roselia316 in Sydney, Australia ,

  5. what about salander’s twin sister? does she ever surface?

    Posted by franconia in Araguari ,

  6. Larssons ability, especially in the first book, to draw us into the scene completely was so thrilling. Also, the chracterisations in TGWTDT and TGWPWF were just brilliant. Hornets Nest was a miss for me though mostly because I am not a fan of Figuerola. For a second in the 3rd book I thought she could have been the one harassing Berger, she was so aggressive. And I won’t start on the obsessive behaviour toward Blomkvist. Ugh. But then Erika Berger and Lisbeth were my favourite things in term of characters.

    I agree with Roselia316 about the complexity of sexual relationships in the series. Such differing views and practices were intriguing. They were but a small part of what made this short journey so addictive for me though.

    Posted by Caroline in Nottingham ,

  7. brilliant how he puts his protagonists in real danger, so you sweat, great suspense..

    Posted by Vas in Washington DC ,

  8. I absolutely love the strong feminist bent in the books. Notice even all the “sexy” women (love interests like Erika Berger, Harriet Vanger, Cecilia Vanger) are all middle-aged. I haven’t read book 3 yet, just so you know. Bloomkvist even mentions that he’s always been attracted to older women even when he was younger. And, obviously, Lisbeth is no bimbo. She’s sexy because she’s amazing but not because she fits a standard model of female beauty.

    Posted by Teresa in Los Angeles, CA ,

  9. Everything about Millenium trilogy knocks me off my feet.

    I still walk like I am in fog,though I’ve read it for the first time in January 2010-my God,2 years have gone.

    Even possible disturbances like unresistableness of women for Blomkvist(what for,if to think?)or Salander unnecessary blowjob for Bjurman,very strangely, work perfectly,creating that very disturbing effect

    Posted by Heckler in SPB ,

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