What about the implants?

What do you think about the breast implants? I don’t think that was necessary, she didn’t strike me as someone who would care about that.

Posted by Petra in Kempten , 20 November 2010

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  1. We seem to agree that there is a difference between self-image and body-image; that’s a given. Two thoughts on the implants: Lisbeth has made a “career” of standing out from the crowd (tattoos, piercings, black leather, et al)so her “rebellion” has partially informed her self-image. Since the Swedish society has come to expect that aggressive image from her, she again rebels through the implants, essentially submerging (or camouflaging)what society expects with the “girlish softness” as Noomi called it. She becomes in essence “invisible.” On the other hand, the implants might represent a new empowerment, causing readers to re-evaluate the stereotype of the augmentation-as-sexual-objectification; Lisbeth is still independent and strong-willed, the breasts merely an affectation of a more mature (developed)version of the emotional thirteen-year-old she has been for so long.

    Posted by J in Michigan ,

  2. I think it was also an expression of the level of control she had over her life. So much had gone wrong for such a long time, and now with all that money and Bjurman temporarily silenced, she could maintain control of every aspect of her life – from travelling to all the places she had wanted to see, to changing the body she found undesirable. It was her most profound expression of the level of autonomy she now had over her life.

    Posted by Rachael in Toronto ,

  3. In the story I think the implants are to show lisbeth is moving on from being a child. The surgeon who did the work commented something along the lines of her breast being ‘abnormal’ – the implication for me was that much of her development stopped when All the Evil started (not unsurprisingly!) and now she is starting to move on.

    The general discussion about breast implants is often that girls do it to please men, but that can’t be the case for everyone that gets breast enlarged or reduced. To me Lisbeth is doing it partly for herself, like any other ‘appearance’ factor – tattoos, dyed hair, painted nails, black lipstick etc and partly to identify with another aprt of society from which she has been excluded – in part through no fault of her own.

    Posted by Liz in Sweden ,

  4. They’re nothing at all with the style of lisbeth they were in necessary in everyway.

    Posted by Wspjims in Zurich ,

  5. I agree with those who think that the implants do serve purpose. They show that Lisbeth is maturing, in a sense. She just had her first heartbreak, first she just runs off (very childish), then she starts to find herself and the implants just show how she’s trying to “grow up”. In the 2nd book it also briefly talks about how Lisbeth’s clothing changes to become more womanly so it shows how she is getting out of that “teenage phase” and is becoming more proud of herself as a woman.

    Posted by Angelica ,

    1. So I haven’t as right to be proud of myself as a women if I happen to have undeveloped breasts due to unexplained medical reasons? Thanks

  6. I did feel kind of frustrated when she got implants. In most stories, females had to be sexual objects with boobs popping out every few pages. I thought that Larsson, when making her flat, was rebelling against that stereotype, being a feminist. Then he gives in, tired of her small boobs, and gives her fake boobs.

    Posted by Kaat ,

  7. There is a paragraph in the first book where Larsson stresses that Lisbeth, regardless of her lack of breasts and hips, still has the same needs as any other woman. Getting breasts is just an extension of that; but she’s practical, she didn’t make herself into Anna Nicole Smith.

    Posted by Gorgon1001 in Denver ,

  8. I think it was done in the same spirit as all the casual sex and infidelity stuff Blomqvuist does. So often these things are used in novels to define characters. They have a kink or don’t subscribe to the norm and that goes along with other more wicked perversions. Personally I think she got tired of being flatchested and had the cash to give something else a try, and why not? Its not like she had average boobs even, or anything at all. It was ironing board town, flatsville. Good for her, and if she hadn’t done it, good for her again.

    But I like big tits so…

    Posted by R. Lawrence in Worcester ,

  9. I think she had the implants so that she could hide and also because she reminded pedophiles of a twelve year old, the age she was on the Night of Evil.

    Posted by Marcia in Moore ,

  10. In the first book, she loathes her body. So what she gets implants. I know we want woman to feel secure. But there is not a woman on this planet who doesn’t have a problem with something on their body even if its their big toe. That is just keeping Lisbeth real and not a cartoon super hero.

    Posted by sonya in new britian ,

  11. Didn’t she have a body with “no hips” and her “breasts were pathetic”. Probably made her sex life easier and the body image too.

    Posted by Rose <3 in Sydney ,

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