In the prologue, he is described as tall. Later in the book, when he shows up to talk with authorities about Lisbeth, he is described as a short man.

Posted by Lori F. in St. Paul, MN , 22 November 2010

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4 thoughts on “Was Teleborian short or tall?”
  1. I noticed that Teleborian was described as tall, then short lateron. Maybe he seemed tall when she was 12 years old and destined to be 4’11? when she matured! Especially being strapped down on a narrow bed.

    Posted by Lyn F. in Atlanta, GA, USA ,

  2. I agree with Lyn, but tall is also often used as a metaphorical description in literature when the author wants to give the feeling that the person being described is authoritative.

    Posted by MJane in NS, Canada ,

  3. Have you ever gone back to visit a place like your old elementary school, and been shocked to see how small it looks now that you are an adult?

    Posted by Angie in Atlanta ,

  4. Agree with the above but have another question: was Teleborian fashioned after another real person/persons in Larssen’s life? so many other characters were drawn this way. Thots?

    Posted by Jeanne in Laguna Beach ,

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