Was Stieg a Musician?

Maybe someone can relate to this. I rarely have time to recreationally read but at the start my vacation waiting in the airport my wife bought me this book. She is a reader and writer (unlike me)and surprised me with the book when sat down in the plane. A 5 hour flight to Maui so why not read for fun. Well my passion is music, I?m a ?percussionist?. I talk and I think in fluctuating tones and tempos which is how this book read for me. I don?t know if Stieg was also a musician but it was his never ending pace and rhythm changes and shifts in his writing style that makes me think he was. It was more like going to the weekend concert or symphony than reading a book. He opened Pandora?s box and Cecilia popped out. I hope she shows up somewhere else.

Posted by congabobby in Petaluma, CA USA , 17 July 2009

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2 thoughts on “Was Stieg a Musician?”
  1. In a interview his dad said that during his youth Stieg has been a drummer in a Jazz band, but it was only for a short period.

    Posted by heve in amsterdam ,

  2. It said Mikael w=had played bass in a band called Boot Strap, maybe Stieg did something like that

    Posted by DJ Jablonski ,

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