victims’ families never contacted?

One thing I could not understand at the end of the first novel was the decision by M. and others not to make contact with the next of kin of all the women who had been savagely murdered.

Their suffering would continue without end not knowing whatever happened to their loved ones. It did not ring true with the character portrayal of someone who would risk their life in pursuit of the truth.

In the regrettable movie version of the novel – much left out that would give the characters depth and more interest – the police actually arrive after M. has been sprung free inferring that they would find out.

Posted by d gledhill in comox valley , 6 September 2010

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10 thoughts on “victims’ families never contacted?”
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  2. I thought they DID make contact with the victims’ families. I took the book back to the library and can’t check, but I thought that was one of Salander’s conditions for NOT telling about Martin was that the Vanger Corporation would try to track down the victims’ families, and also make a large donation to shelters for women in crisis.

    Posted by Sarah Snyder in Franktown ,

  3. I agree with Sarah Snyder. I remember the same explanation from the first book, but I can’t check either because mine was a library book also.

    Posted by Joanne in in British Columbia, Canada ,

  4. I agree with the point of it not being very faithful to the characters. Yes there was talk of finding the victims families and contributing to a shelter, but what’s that? The justification for this course of action was that it would make Harriett a victim again. Frankly, I can’t stomach that explanation, approx. 50 women were abducted, raped and murdered by Martin over a 25 yr stretch, and they don’t publish it or even inform the police of their discovery. It was this detail that soured me on the rest of the series.Blomkvist seems to have these big ideals about the freedom of the press, but when it comes to outing someone as what I have to believe is a prodigious serial-killer, it is held off because one person could not face their past. It reeked of the very things that Blomkvist says that he crusades against, that being a small number of people making hidden decisions for a much larger group of people.

    Posted by Jay in New Brunswick, Canada ,

  5. I agree with Jay!

    Sort of put me off a bit… i remember they were to make donations to charities but not contact victims families…did they not destroy all the evidence too? Seemed very self serving to me…and just because Harriet did not want the story of her ordeal to be revealed….or old Vanger’s family history to be known. didn’t really sit right with me.

    Posted by TB in Aus ,

  6. This is why I like how they approached it in the movies and decided to out Martin. Even though most of the women Martin killed would’ve been very hard to trace given that they were mostly clandestine, the first four by his father had known families. This is partly why I hated it when he kept hanging out with Harriet afterwards.

    Posted by Iantonia in Ottawa, Canada ,

  7. Spot on, that’s exactly the one thing that has bugged me about the series. I could not believe that the murders were not told to the police or victims’ families, just because they wanted to keep Harriet on the Millennium board. As much as I loved the series, that conclusion stank, and did not align with the characters’ values. I assumed it was because Harriet was to become a very important character later on, but apart from being another Blomqvist fling, not she didn’t.

    Posted by Fiona in Narrandera in Aus ,

  8. Am I the only one that found the last two books of this series totally boring? Hey, if you’re into Swedish government/police espionage…then great because you’ll get that ad naseum. But the real attraction of the story is Salander’s character and I felt that she didn’t get enough coverage in Books 2 and 3. For Pete’s sake….she’s laying in a hospital bed for most of Book 3. And the other characters don’t have enough chemistry on their own to keep the plot moving along. And as far as one reviewer comparing it to LOTR trilogy…you’ve got to be kidding!

    Posted by Avid Reader in Stockholm ,

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