Unskilled Scientific Police leads to Nationwide Man-hunt

Whatch out for SPOILERS!! I found a particular that could have helped to drop the charges on Sally.

The police calls the Skl (which I presume is the Swedish scientific police) the analyse the “blood patterns” etc. As I saw many times from C.S.I (a program that tha blonde giant also watches because he decide to torn back and burn the warehouse BDW) the scientific police can relatively easily understand the height of the shooter from the trajectory of the bullet. the height difference between lisbeth and the giant is around 70 cm. how could they miss a particular like that? I also thought that the shooter could have kept the gun near his waist or if it was really Sally that she could have pulled the trigger keeping the gun like a “gang-rapper” over her head but it seems unlikely that from both of those unnatural position one could have shot such precise hits.

The Skl had the key to clear Sally’s name or, in the oppisite case, another proof of hear guilt.

Posted by Thai in Shanghai/Perugia , 16 September 2010

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  1. I think that, in the second book, the police had the fingerprints in the gun – which led to Lisbeth – but not the complete results of the analysis of the crime scene (including the heigth of the shooter).

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  2. I think it was pretty clear in the book that the police were not really interested in finding the real killer. Once they got LS fingerprints on the gun, they were just trying to make the story stick.

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