UK versus US audiobooks (Hornets Nest)

Does anybody know why the UK audiobook version of “The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest” read by Saul Reichlin is about 5 hours longer than the US version read by Simon Vance when both versions are meant to be unabridged.

Even if one narrator reads faster, 5 hours is still a big time difference. Are the US versions missing something?

Posted by Joyous in London , 6 June 2011

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  1. “Do not be lazy, read the book?” What kind of simpleton answer is that, Juan? I would like a real answer as well. I personally have read the books – and- listened to them on the US audio version. So, why? – and can someone confirm that the UK version is 5 hours longer?

    Posted by LSfan in Maryland ,

  2. it does not matter witch version you listen to as long as it is true to the story.and it makes it easier to listen to the audio book when you are on the go.

    Posted by hugh in blackburn/England ,

  3. I personally find audiobooks to be tacky. How hard is it to read a book? (this isn’t a shot at you, Joyous). The only time I’ve used an audiobook was to read HP6 and only as a follow along. I tried reading the Sookie Stackhouse books on audio, but I don’t know how people do it.

    Posted by WaspNest in New Lands ,

  4. I had no idea there was a difference. As far as why I listen to audiobooks, my eyes bother me after working at a computer all day. Also, I listen to go to sleep at night. Works for me.

    Posted by Margie in MidSouth ,

  5. The MacLehose (UK) English edition was published before the Knopf (US) English edition. In hardcover you can compare and see that Knopf edited out many paragraphs which were in the MacLehose edition. The Knopf deletions shortened Hornets Nest significantly (10-20%).

    For just one example, in MacLehose there is a long section describing in detail the Medivac Helicopter crew and the trip taking Lisbeth to the hospital, deleted from Knopf.

    Posted by Walt in Minneapolis ,

  6. Oops. I must correct myself on one part of my post just above. The “long section describing in detail the Medivac Helicopter crew and the trip taking Lisbeth to the hospital” was in the SWEDISH edition but taken out of BOTH the MacLehose UK and Knopf USA editions.

    HOWEVER, my overall point and numbers avbout the Knopf edition removing as much 10% of the text from the MacLehose edition is still correct, as a close reading comparison quickly shows, right in Chapter 1. The prior cases treated that day by the Hospital Emergency surgeon who operates on Lisbeth, and the surgeon’s musings on his role, these are examples of where Knopf shortened the text.

    Posted by Walt in Minneapolis ,

  7. I have found the Simon Vance readings very good, particularly his pronunciation of some Swedish names and places. He does make the standard mistake with Goteburg, probably for clarity’s sake. Goteburg is pronounced almost Yuttaburra. The o has an umlaut which makes it sound different than a simple u in English

    Posted by Rob in Toronto ,

  8. ‘Do not be lazy, read the book!’

    Say that in my face, turdstain.

    – Regards,

    A dyslectic person with ADHD

    Posted by foxyb in Voorburg ,

  9. Simon Vance is bloody brilliant. You won’t be able to put down your headphones! I do like Saul’s voice as well, but once you get a taste of Simon, you may find it hard to enjoy listening to anyone else.

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