Hey, so I am “That Guy”. My brain leaps out of fantasy the minute anything does not match up and it tends to ruin the experience for me. I just finished listening to series 1 on cd. Problem 1: Mark tells Mikael he has a glock in his hand… then a few mins later is described as removing the safety. Glocks do not have safetys. A glock pistol is point and shoot only. ALl of the models.

Problem 2: Lisbeth borrows 140,000kr and only pays back 120,000kr. What happened.

I have not looked at the printed version. any input?

Posted by Phill in Chicago ill , 16 May 2010

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41 thoughts on “Two Technical Flaws”
  1. You missed the .45 magnum. I think it was a .45 ACP.

    Posted by sgpatien in livermore, ca ,

  2. Wrong. I happened to be researching Glocks, one model in particular, a 17C. Has a back thumb safety.

    Posted by GLenn in Los Angeles, CA ,

  3. the “.45 magnum” is probably some sort of re-translation of the swedish term for the .45 colt revolver cartridge, aka “45 Long Colt”

    Posted by Ado Annie in lake jackson TX ,

  4. all good answers. I stand corrected , Glenn was right. In fact there were a few Glocks produced with thumb safeties. You got lucky Stieg. You know you did. :).. ANd the money???????????????

  5. In the UK paperback the amount Lisbeth borrows is 120,000kr (p.503). She says that Blomkvist has ‘roughly 140,000 kronor’ in his current account.

    Posted by marcus in London ,

  6. so funny I also noted the glock mistake….it is a mistake, sorry guys regardless if there is ONE glock with a saftey… glocks are known for not having them!

    Posted by susana in caracas ,

  7. Not so much a technical flaw, but it was stated that it was cold outside, I thought; however, it said that girls were wearing bathing suits in the parade – later to state bathing suits with harem pants.

    nb. just an aside – it took awhile, toward the end of the second book when Blomquist was in Lisbeth’s new apartment, but vitamins were finally mentioned and she also ate a couple of apples after that, so I suppose the author had a lecture about nutrition and threw a couple of different things in. Sandwiches, coffee, cheese, pizza, pickles, the odd something else such as a lamb chop, but what poor diets. 7-11 stores in Canada are mini-marts with not much there for food, although things are improving (if one pays a hefty price for food). There must be more food in the 7-ll stores in Sweden. I wonder if the author received money for mentioning Billy’s Pan Pizza or whatever it was.

    Posted by Andy1 in Sherwood Park ,

  8. wha about jeremy taking 5% commission on the 2.4 billion. Wouldn’t that be 12 million? so why was saying 10 mill he’s out?

    Posted by ben in tauranga ,

  9. I was hoping to discuss technical flaws within the writing, not some little errors on guns or amounts of money. We should consider that Larsson wrote in Swedish not English and perhaps the translator lost too many details while doing his work. But overall, I think Larsson is a wonderful writer and produced one of the more beautiful and magnificent novels of XXI Century so far…

    Posted by Historiaensis in Puerto Rico ,

  10. Phill i, I’m so sorry these small technicalities ruined your experience. Ultimately, I agree with Historianensis–translations are crucial. But whatever, Dude. The big attraction for me is that these finely plotted novels are built around one of the most intriguing characters ever created–Lisbeth Salander. She is THE anti-heroine for our time–and I mourn not only her creator, but the fact that there will never be another novel with her at its center, or Kalle Fucking Blomkquist as its conscience. I am bereft…will just have to wait for whtever John Burdette or Donna Leon come up with next…

    Posted by Pamanali in Rivercity ,

  11. I don’t understand the nailgun scene. It said she was below the floorboard shooting up, that means the head of the nails would be below the floor with the points going up through the wood and then through the shoes. How would it be a show of brute force to pull his foot up through the nail heads?

    Posted by Dan in Arlington, Texas ,

  12. what book did you read, dan in arlington tx? she wasn’t below the floorboards.She was under the table.

    Posted by roxanne in r.i. ,

  13. I just finished listening to the third book in audio format and I’m fairly certain she was beneath the cabinet, not the floor boards. This makes sense given that he knocked the cabinet over to get at her.

    Posted by Raven in Seattle ,

  14. I cannot believe all the people that deliberately spoil their own experience by looking for errors. For goodness sake, all I know is I could not put the book down for the three days it took me to read it. To me that says, it’s a hit. Learn to just enjoy the read.

    Posted by lisa in northmead ,

  15. The great Hitchcock films had some pretty weak moments- bad effects, probablity stretches in the story; but these are books and movies, not “real life”. Masters sometimes throw in things on purpose to leave you wondering…Bunuel! (That’s not fair, surrealism rolls around in improbability).

    If a narrative holds together within its own system of rules, to hell with the little numbers. If the exact amount of kronors advances the story or is important to the developments after, then they should be “right”. If not, what’s the difference?

    Posted by bbostock in brynathlahem Pa ,

  16. Wow, just read and enjoy. All this nit-picking sounds like jealousy. It is especially bad as he is not around to answer these questions.

    Posted by Terry in Madison, WI ,

  17. She was beneath the cabinet and the nails go in at an angle. I listened carefully today to this bit of the story.

    Who cares? Lisbeth is a superhero. She can do stuff that mere mortals like us can’t.


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