I’ve heard about 4 tv episodes 90 min each? Does anyone knows about it? Is there some true in it?

Posted by barda in são paulo , 7 July 2010

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  1. Yes I’ve heard the same rumours posted a question the same as yours to this site- but no one seems to know. Apparently they have the same actors in it as well- seems too much of a shame to miss. Help please, other Larsson geeks!

    Posted by wasteinyourspace in Manchester ,

  2. My friend in Stockholm verified that all three books were made into TV movies . . . 4 episodes of 90 minutes each.

    Posted by John in Pittsburgh ,

  3. The first DVD (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) will be with me tomorrow or maybe i’ll have to wait until Tuesday!! I’m not normally one for watching a film after reading a book as they mostly fail to live upto expectations, BUT i live in hope, having completed the third book over a month ago now I need a fix!

    Posted by elli in Sw Uk ,

  4. 6 tv episodes 90min each. 2 episodes for every book. For every book 30min cut out for the cinema.

    TV emission started in Germany last Sunday. DVDs with “director´s cut” available in Germany from February 11th on.

    Lilly, Germany

  5. I believe the Swedish TV mini series is what was released in the rest of the world as the final two movies… it would be interesting to know how much was edited out when they got repackaged for theatrical release

    Posted by hilogreg in Hawaii ,

  6. I do not know if I am allowed to post links on this board, so I will not do that.

    What I can tell you is that I have downloaded the 6 part Swedish TV series (English subs) via Rapidshare.

    Posted by dfr in Chicago ,

  7. please share me the link. im downloading the tv series but without english subs. please.


    Posted by dafas in mexico ,

  8. Hi dfr, could you possibly send me the link also..



    Posted by I Carter in Stockport, UK ,

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