Hi: I am very interested in the concept of “Trust Capital” — how would you define that? Steig uses it a few times in the girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Posted by Trika in PacPal , 18 July 2009

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3 thoughts on “Trust Capital”
  1. I’d regard it as being “moral capital” in English, ie the thing that enables others to trust them

    Posted by Alex in North Yorkshire ,

  2. I think Alex is right about the meaning of the word. The translation is a bit, hm, challenging at times but I have been told by the translator that there has been at least one dispute between the translator (from the US) and his editor (from Scotland) about a particular sentence (“Lisbeth, you damned troublesome person/”Lisbeth, you’re a real pain in the a**”). So I could imagine there would be many more instances of that. Translation, especially in such a business, where there are many ‘cooks in the kitchen’ is probably not a straight forward chore. Furthermore you have some idiomatic expressions in Swedish that do not lend themselves easily to direct translation.

    Posted by chris from sallysfriends.net in Copenhagen ,

  3. Sorry, don’t know what they translated to that (read it in Swedish)… sounds like a trust left by parents or other… Michael had a trust of ‘saved moneys’…??

    Posted by KJ in Cinci ,

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