Did they reveal what the significance was of Lisbeth’s Dragon Tattoo? and who or where is Lisbeth’s twin sister?

Posted by sandiandfrances in denman island, bc , 18 September 2010

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  1. I don’t think so. I bet the “sister” would have been developed in subsequent novels which, sadly, Stig Larsson was never to write

    Posted by PatMillenniumObsessed in Los Angeles, CA ,

  2. Every tattoo is a reminder of some point in her life. Like the chain around her ankle for instance. I cannpt remember if they did more than mention the dragon.

    Posted by FlickaChapman in SAn Rafael, CA ,

  3. FlickaChapman, there is already a third book and, sadly, Larsson passed away. So they have to hire a compleately different person if they whant a FOURTH book to come out.

    Posted by Thai in Shanghai/Perugia ,

  4. there are 200 pages of the fourth book…there’re in Larsson’s Laptop that Assagabrielsson has as a common possesion, ask her for that pages, snif!!!

    Posted by maria in colombia ,

  5. she “breathed fire” on her dad? so maybe its that significance, in the books the fire issue was a repeated theme so its obviously important in her character and since she was the fire-giver, probably safe to say a dragon might be an appropriate tattoo for THE defining moment in her life?

    Posted by sal in london ,

  6. I’m still thinking that there was a reference somewhere in the book to the significance of the tattoo. A friend is reading it now so I’ve told him to watch out for it. I see where you’re going with that Sal in London, but I still seem to remember that it was in the book, not just speculated on. Or maybe I just read it on this forum and my old mind is confused!

    Posted by sandiandfrances in denman island bc ,

  7. I just finished the third book – read all 3 in two weeks! AMAZING details and he made you think you were right there in the investigation…I am a bit depressed that the saga will not continue. I don’t remember any explanation about the dragon tattoo – I didn’t connect the innuendo of “fire breathing” on her dad / etc. Nice point. I also wondered why the sister never surfaced…..

    In my mind as I read I easily placed Daniel Craig for Blomkvist and for Lizbeth I imagined Pauley Perrette from NCIS…I know she’s a little tall and older but what a perfect character match (to me anyway).

    I hope your right about the 4 book in his laptap archives….I WANT ANOTHER BOOK!!!!

    Posted by JoJo in Birmingham ,

  8. Don’t bother with the American versions of the films they will, no doubt, be overloaded with “special effects” and the likes. Watch the original Swedish versions, they focus on the STORY and not the over-promoted, so called, stars or the film industry in general.

    Posted by Paul in Devon ,

  9. The actual significance of the dragon has never been explained but I like the explanation linking it to the car fire. Who else out there knew all along that Zala was her father? I had it figured out almost from the beginning of book 2…

    Posted by Kat in Decatur, AL ,

  10. what is the significance or “the Hoenet’s nest”eferring to the third book? I read all three but I’m not sire what is the connection. anyone?

    Posted by m in miami ,

  11. I agree, the Swedish films are the ones to watch. I’ve not ever seen an American movie as yet, that has held true to a book. Characters are lost completely wrong choices for actors, directors change actual story. On my favorite book list, sorry to not have a fourth or more….great writer.

    Posted by R. Jamieson in Salem, OR ,

  12. In English kicking the hornets nest can be likened to upsetting the apple cart, in other words creating mayhem through revelations that will cause a huge stir!

    Posted by sue fraser in chippenham wiltshire ,

  13. The hornet’s nest was The Section in Sapo – Salader kept surfacing and they would come out to attack her and try to get rid of her (they are the hornets). Also, I believe that she is the dragon and got herself that tattoo after the fire incident with Zala.

    Posted by CMM in MI ,

  14. I agree the Swedish version is very authentic and Lisbeth was cast perfectly.

    Posted by Micke in Salinas ,

  15. What are we missing in her past? The years between 18 and 25. We know she was arrested twice for being obscenely drunk and she was seen spending time with much older men. This was never explained. Why did she keep running away from foster homes? Some kind of abuse?

    Thus, I’m guessing the dragon tattoo has to do with something that happened in this time frame. Also, Bjurman mentioned in the 1st book that she had “experience” with “this” (i.e. sexual assault) in the past, right before he forced her in his office. Perhaps it was part of a cover-up? Her tattoo on her right arm matches the band she got on her leg, so maybe it was in commemoration of getting revenge on the person responsible for the arm tattoo assault. The dragon might also represent her fight and splitting up with Camilla.

    Posted by Liz_Beth in Colorado ,

  16. Stieg larsson books made me crazy, how i wish there will be another book of him. what happedned to Camilla, and how Lisbeth got a tattoes,and why Lisbeth had a forensic test on the weapon.used to murder Dag, and Mia.anyway its amazing triology!

    Posted by Juvy 34 in Philippines ,

  17. The tattoo might have something to do with the fact that Salander was protecting her mother just as dragons do. Or maybe it points out to her reclusive side.

    Posted by Snig in Delhi ,

  18. I don’t recall any light being shed on the significance of the dragon tattoo. We don’t know if any explanation would have been forthcoming in subsequent books. So we are left to speculate and project a number of metaphors that connect to Lisbeth’s character and resolve.

    Imagine having something as menacing as a dragon on your back constantly, it’s barbed tail penetrating your body and emerging to spread down your thigh. Imagine the time and pain to submit to having this frightful thing embossed on your body. Powerful stuff. She will only attest to Dr. Jonasson that, yea, it took a long time and it hurt.

    Is the dragon “the evil”? The experiences would be with her always, and by cloaking herself with this image, she wasn’t recoiling from them. It was, somewhat literally, her backbone. When the evil threatened her again, she battled it fiercely.

    Posted by Nansi in USA ,

  19. I read – and loved – the first two books quite a while ago. What I remember about the sister is that my thought was that it was a possibility that Liz is schizophrenic and has two personalities. Any comments?

    Posted by Glenna in Flagstaff ,

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